CRM – How to Email a Manager

This week I responded to a question someone had posted on the forum in the Microsoft Dynamics Community website, they were trying to send an email from a workflow. Simple. But their question was about how to wait for “n” days and then send the email to the manager of the user who owns the case.

They asked me to write a blog post explaining how to do this ….. So by special request …… here goes …..

This is a very simple change, so you should have no problem taking this concept and adapting it for other situations. (One I heard of recently was to alert the sales manager if a sales person had acted on a new lead with three days.)

Step One – Define the Managers.

First you need to know how to do is set the manager for each user. For this navigate to users in the settings area of CRM. Having opened a user record select the change manager option in the ribbon bar.

Step Two – Create the workflow, with a wait state.

Now you will need a workflow that will run when a case is created.

The first step is “Wait until”, I’ve set it to pause for 10 days after the date created.

Tip: There isn’t anything wrong with putting workflows in wait states, but I personally don’t like having thousands of them! So if you typically have a few hundred cases open at any one time this approach is probably fine. But if your organisation has thousands or tens of thousands of open requests this approach might need to be reviewed.

Obviously you could amend this logic and wait for “n” days beyond SLA date etc.

Step Three – Send an email

The next part of the work flow sends the email. This will being with an “if” condition, as you’ll only want to send emails for cases that are still open.

Then add a step to send an email and click set properties to create the body of the email.

The “to” field of the email will need to be set to the owners manager. Here you can see that I changed the “Look for” from “Case” to “Owning User (User)”, once that’s done that you can select “Manager” and click “Add”.

My email ended up looking like this. Not very good but then this is just an example!

Obviously I have shown this as a very simple example. With real world examples you would need to give more thought into the steps needed. As you many want to only escalate certain types of cases or wait differing periods depending on the priority of the email.

Also, if you are using SLAs, you may find it better to send the email from the SLA rule instead of a workflow. But the concept of sending to the users manager would be common to both approaches.

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