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In previous posts I have explained how to add back, forwards and refresh buttons to a navigation toolbar in Unified Service Desk (USD). This earlier post missed an action! “Home”.

To add a home button to a USD toolbar you’ll need to first create the toolbar and associate it with a suitable hosted control. I’ll assume you know how to do this, if not consult my post on toolbars. Then add a new button. The home button would look like this …..

Toolbar - Home Button

Notice that I haven’t given the button a text value, I have simply added a home icon as the image. In my example this is an image I have found and loaded as a web resource under CRM customizations.

I have then added a home action to the toolbar, mine looks like this ….

Toolbar - Home Action


In my example I have added a home button to a tab I’d used to show someone’s personal wall. (A “trick” I will describe in a later post!) But you could add to any suitable tab. The action on the hosted control you’ll trigger to trigger is “GoHome”.

6 thoughts on “USD – Home

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  2. Hi sir,

    I want to show CRM Knowledge Base Management into the USD through the help of KM hosted control. At the Microsoft website, Walk-through focuses on showing Knowledge Base Management into the USD through Parature & not from CRM. Please also share your opinion regarding it.


    • Hi,

      Thanks for your question.

      You could try installing the basic sample USD package supplied by Microsoft. If you open a session on a contact you will see an agent script that allows your to create a case and research possible solutions. The research option triggers a Bing search and searches articles. Hopefully that will show you how to do what you need. (FYI: If you don’t know how to install the sample packages using the package deployer, check out my posts on installing USD.

      Hopefully this answers your question but also I do plan to create a post on looking for solutions on cases. I will hopefully share that soon.

      And finally, might be worth knowing that when CRM2016 is released Microsoft are planning significant improvements to the knowledge basis / articles. Such as allowing richer content such as images and video.

      Hope this helps



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