Keep It Simple Stupid!

I started as a programmer, back in the 80’s when the Commodore Pet was considered an advanced piece of kit, one of the first acronyms I learnt was K.I.S.S. (Keep it Simple Stupid!)

Back then, when I was learning  Commodore Basic this meant naming your variables clearly, using the REM statement and not abusing the GOTO statement. God I’m old!!

But even today this concept is still true, especially when applied to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM. (Although I haven’t heard programmers debating the correct use of GOTO for a long time!)

A few things keeping it simple on a CRM project could include are ……

  1. Keeping the project simple by using an Agile like approach to deliver change in bite size manageable chunks.
  2. Being adaptable, often I have seen companies be very ridge in how they want  processes to work. This can result in unnecessary complexity.Sometimes a slight change in the approach a business takes can drastically simplify the final solution.
  3. Declutter! Keep the user interface as simple as possible. Remove EVERYTHING that doesn’t have a purpose. This may take some effort but a simpler interface can lead to better user adoption. No bad thing, as user adoption is the number one reason CRM system implementations fail!
  4. Go online. CRM can be deployed on premise and occasionally you may find a pressing reason to do so. But in the main having an online deployment removes all the complexity of managing your own tin. Making the implementation time faster and on going support simpler. In most cases an online deployment is a no brainer.
  5. Make use of Business Rules in preference to JavaScript. Configuration is always simpler to maintain later.
  6. Use workflows instead of plug-ins whenever possible.
  7. As often as possible use system entities in preference to custom entities.

And don’t forget avoid the use of GOTO! And NEVER EVER create a GOTO endless loop.

10 PRINT "Hello World"
20 GOTO 10

They were the days!

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