USD – Client installs.

Having installed the server components of USD, you’ll be ready to install the client software and connect to your organisation.

If you haven’t yet installed the server components, see my earlier posts on using the Microsoft USD PackageDeployer to install a sample USD solution or the more complicated approach of creating a blank / vanilla install.

The client install is a pretty straight forward affair, simply download the USD client from Microsoft’s download centre. Then run on the appropriate install on the PC. UnifiedServiceDesk-<version>.exe (<version> being 32 or 64 bit) 

Then open USD using the icon that will be added to your desktop.

On first load of USD you’ll be presented with a screen similar to the one below, simply enter suitable credentials and continue.



  • If you have more than one organisation on your server you’ll need to select the “display list of available organisations” option and pick a suitable organisation.
  • Once completed your settings will be remembered but if you need to change anything next time USD loads click the “Change Credentials” link whilst USD loads.

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