Setup CRM2015 / Office 365 Online Trail

Setting up a 30 day CRM trial system is a simple affair, below is a step by step guide.

You can access the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Trial service from this link.

CRM Online Trial

Start off by entering some contact details and click next ….

New create a user ID and click next.

Now you need to enter a mobile number to receive a text code to enable you to activate your trial.

Having clicked “Text me” the following screen will be displayed, you should get a text within a few seconds. Simply enter the code and continue.

Note: I tend to untick the option about them contact me by phone!

After a short pause you’ll be told you’re ready to go.

But there is one more screen to confirm some details before you are actually set-up.

After a small pause your trial account will be created.

You can then go to this link to login.

Having entered your user name and password you’ll be presented with a screen like this. You could just click the blue square and access CRM. But you might want to also add an Office 365 trial and maybe also Power BI.

To add additional trial subscriptions, select the billing option on the left hand side and then select subscriptions. Next click the “Add subscriptions link.”

From eth subscription list scroll down to find the E3 subscription.

When you hover over it you’ll be offered a free trial option. Simply click that and then “Try now” and click “continue”. You may also want to repeat this process for Power BI Pro.

Just one final stage exists to add these subscriptions into the user created. So in the menu menu select users then active users. Now select the user and click edit next to the assigned license.

You will then have an option to add a power BI and Office 365 license to this user.

Add the licenses and click save. If you click the blue square you can see your subscriptions being set-up.

Now is a good time for a cup of coffee! As the subscriptions you have selected will be configured. In a few minutes you’ll be able to login and access all of the features for CRM, Office 365 and Power BI.

Enjoy! (For the 30 days you have them!)

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