CRM2015 – Multi Entity Search

I had to look this up, so thought doing a quick post might be useful!

CRM2015 has the capability to support a multi-entity search. Very useful feature but how can it be customized?

Search results, like the one below can be created by using the search text box in the main CRM navigation. Here you can see that a search for “Neil” returned my contact record and my user record. Notice that my job title is the first column returned for my contact. (This isn’t the out of box behaviour, I’ll show you how to control this in a second!)

Control Entities Searched.

The first thing to know is that you can control which entities and in which order they are searched. This is done from the general tab in system settings area of CRM, by using the “Select…” button shown below.

You can use this dialog to govern which entities are searched and in what order. I would suggest not adding entities without a reason to do so, as the more you add must in turn (logically) have an impact on performance.

Controlling Fields

You can also control quick fields CRM uses to search with and which fields are displayed. This is done via the quick find view on each entity. (As with the standard CRM search ability.)

Meaning to control the behaviour for contact I need to customize the quick find view for contact, as shown below.

Use the “Add Find Columns” to define how CRM searches for data. This isn’t surprising as that is how all searches in CRM are controlled.

Notice the columns in this view and that “Job Title” is first! The Entities Search option will return the first three columns from the quick find view in its results. So by adding columns here you can influence the results returned.

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