Certifications MB2-708

MB2 708 is the CRM installations certification. You can find details of skills measured and book the exam here.

I recently completed the MB2-708 exam using the online exam option.

The online exam process worked really well this time! Actually starting the exam was a pain, the button to begin the exam was labelled “Reschedule” which confused me for a second! Bit of a bug on the PearsonVue Website I think!! But what did work really well was the exam time, I took it at 10pm at night. You can now book as late as 10:30pm. I know that doesn’t sound like a fun evening however I’d had a busy day at work and still wanted to still get the exam completed that day. I didn’t even think about booking the exam until 2pm but still successfully completed the same day.

Obviously I can’t share any questions, due to the NDA agreement. I used some sample questions from examcertify.com to help me prepare. That was a mixed blessing as their questions are RUBBISH. Almost all of the answers were wrong and I initially regretted looking at them. I ended up having to spend time on google researching the correct answer for each question …… which seemed a pain to start with but I suddenly realized I was learning loads by being forced to do this research.

This was my 13th CRM certification, it seems a long time ago that I attended a boot camp with Firebrand training to learn CRM v4.0. Back then I spent 9 days (and nights) learning CRM and took the exams as the training course progressed, meaning the first certification I passed was the CRM 4.0 installations exam.

I didn’t enjoy that first exam and I didn’t enjoy this 13th one either!

As a developer and have a greater interest in the application functionality and customization capabilities. Architecture / deployment aren’t really my bag! But being forced to review the components of CRM including how they are installed and upgraded is no bad thing for a developer. Having an awareness of the email router and how tracking tokens work, or the capabilities of the outlook client can all influence the solutions I may design / create. My theory being that obtaining the full set of qualifications should help me become a more rounded CRM professional.

Anyway that is all the CRM2015 exams finally completed …….. Doesn’t CRM2016 come out soon! J

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