Charts – Collection

I have recently been publishing a number of posts about how to edit Chart XML and the capabilities of charts within Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This post gives a summary of all of those posts.

As I add more posts I will continue to update this page.

Show Labels as percentages – Describes how to change labels on pie charts to show percentages instead of values. But also describes in detail how to export chart xml, edit and import back.

Column Charts – A post describing many of the options available on column charts.

Radar Charts – Not a standard CRM chart but one I like to use!

Funnel Charts – Description of how to customize funnel charts.

Pie Charts – A post describing the capabilities of pie charts in CRM.

Collectedthreshold – A useful way to group items on charts. Useful on pie charts to group items with low values into an “Other” slice on the pie.

2 thoughts on “Charts – Collection

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