FieldOne Sky – Accounts (Service and Billing)

Within FieldOne Sky for Microsoft Dynamics CRM you have a number of additional parameters that can be completed on service accounts and billing accounts. In this short post I will explain the meaning of these additional fields.

Service accounts are any accounts that are eligible for service. In FieldOne Sky terms this implies accounts that will be associated with work orders.

A billing account is one that will pay for the services completed. The billing account is optional, without a billing account the service account would act as the billing account.

Geocode the accounts address

Firstly a comment about addresses, FieldOne uses the Geocode of addresses quite extensively to work out travel times and routes for field agents. The longitude and latitude of addresses will often be set automatically. But if you need to manually geocode an address you can use the Geocode option from the ribbon bar.

Additional Fields

Below is a screen shot from a sample account, you can see several additional fields in the service section.

Field Meaning
Service Territory The sales territory is the FieldOne territory which is used when allocating work orders to field agents. As the resources needed to attend the work order must work in this territory. Territories are optional.
Preferred Facility/Equipment Note: New field not included in the FieldOne documentation! I will update these notes when I’ve done a test to fully understand the implications of this field.
Travel Charge Type The travel charge types are hourly, mileage, fixed and none.
Travel Charge If the travel charge type is hourly, mileage or fixed the charge amount is entered here.
Work order instructions These are instructions that will be added to all work orders created for this account.
Billing Account If blank the service account will be the billing account. But is bills for services conducted on this account need to go to another company this is recorded here.


  • On sub accounts the billing account is defaulted to the parent account.
  • When a work order is created the billing account will default to the accounts billing account but it is possible to override this information when required.
Tax exempt Yes / no field to define if the account is tax exempt
Tax exempt number The tax exempt number

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