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Please note: The CRM2016 Update 1 Release has included a rebrand of FieldOne to become Field Service. Field Service has a different install process which I have documented here.

FieldOne Sky is included in the CRM2016 Online Pro license. Prior to the CRM 2016 release I have been working with FieldOne, making this feature “free” to anyone with a Pro license is a major benefit. I therefore intend to install and document multiple blog posts about its capabilities.

FieldOne Sky is a solution designed to manage field service agents. Including a scheduling board and comprehensive job scheduling / management options. I give an overview of its features here.

Warning: The first time I installed FieldOne it took quite a bit of time / effort but stick with it and you will get there.

To install FieldOne first of all you’ll need to download a solution. To do this go to your CRM online administration page and select the solutions option.

Once in the admin centre, you should see the FieldOne Sky option. Simply click INSTALL.

Having clicked install you’ll need to accept the license agreement.

The FieldOne install will show installation pending. After a pretty long pause my install did start! And when it started it wasn’t quick.

So at this point make a brew and chill for a while!

Eventually the FieldOneSky solution installed, notice that it includes a Patch already!

The next step is to install the Resco Woodford solution, this is required to support the use of the mobile application. Navigate to settings in CRM and then solutions. Here you will find that FieldOne Sky (Base) solution. Open it and go to configuration.

Click on the link to download the Resco Woodford solution. Once downloaded return to the solution main page and import the solution. Standard install process, just click next a few times!!

Now click the second link to download the Woodford “project”, this will download the mobile project. Once downloaded navigate to the Woodford option that will have been added into your settings navigation

Now select the MobileCRM Woodford option. Silverlight will load and you be asked to register.

Note: This was one point that I had some issues. I found that this process didn’t work in the Edge or Chrome browser. So might be best to stick with IE. I also has some problems with my install of Silverlight. If a new version of Silverlight does install it might be an idea to quit out of the browser and re-start after the install.

Next select the import option and pick the project you downloaded. (Note: You will need to extract all from the zip file that was downloaded and then pick the project file from within the zip.)


When prompted, enter a name for the project. E.g. FieldOne Sky Project Template.

And select all of the FieldOne Sky roles.


Once installed your project will look like this.


Finally double click on the project to open it and select “publish all”. After a short pause your project will have be published and ready to use.

At last you FieldOne solution should be installed and ready to use ….. Now the fun begins! J

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  5. Hi Neil – you have detailed the online install for FieldOne and 2016. Have you worked with on prem 2016 and Fieldone? I would be interested to hear about any related information. Thanks


  6. Hi Neil! We did the installation as well but it didn’t work. We downloaded the solution as described and we also got the information that FieldOne is installed. But when checking the solutions in CRM there is only “FieldOne Sky” listed. The Base and Patch solution is missing. Any ideas? Microsoft asked me to remove the solution and do the installation again but it didn’t work. Is it possible to add the missing solutions by importing them?


    • Sorry for slow response, been busy!

      I don’t think it is possible to export a managed solution. So you can’t export the online solution to an on-premise solution.

      For the last few weeks my focus hasn’t been FieldOne!

      But I did previously know that they intended to release a FieldOne On-premise solution. I have just looked for it and couldn’t find anything.

      Sorry but this is a question you probably need to direct to Microsoft.

      If you find the on-premise download please let me know. As I will no doubt need it soon!!!


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