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Here I will continue my series of posts related to FieldOne Sky for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016, this time I will look at price lists.

I did use FieldOne before it was included as part of the standard Dynamics offering, then I was pretty sure that price lists were optional. However, now out of the box the price list field on work order is a mandatory field. Meaning you’re “probably” going to need to create a price list!

The price list option within FieldOne Sky does make use of the standard CRM price list functionality but it has some important extensions that are specific to providing services. With field work it would be common to want to make the first hour of a visit not chargeable or have a minimum call out charge that is automatically added to the cost of a job. The extensions provide functionality to support these types of situations.

NOTE / TIP: Price lists are associated with work orders, however if you consume a product or service on a work order included in the work order price list that the “list price” from the product will be used. As far as I can tell the default price list on the product or service is ignored.

Below you can see my price list, notice that it has a start date but no end date. This is because I don’t want these prices to expire. Also notice that there is a new option in the service section that allows me to define if breaks are charged to the customer or not.

Having created your price list, you then need to add price list items, which are the products or services you sell. Below is an example of my price list item.

Price list items are a standard feature of Microsoft Dynamics. They include the ability to base a price on list price, cost price, standard cost or simply to enter a value. Prices can be calculated as a mark-up or margin.

You can also define rounding rules and even create a discount list which gives a percentage discount based on volume. I won’t cover all of the possible options here as this is standard CRM stuff. But the options available are pretty flexible.

Just to explain the maths behind my example below. I have a standard cost defined on the product of £15. So a 200% markup gives me £15 + £15 * 200/100 = £45. But then the rounding is applied in multiples of £10. Giving me a sales price of £50 per hour. Got it???

Within FieldOne Sky you will have two types of items on price lists. Products and services. For products the options available on a standard price list item are probably sufficient for most circumstances. So, staying with my gardening example, if you had a number of plants that could be upsold whilst offer gardening services then these could be created and priced. But when we start to think about the pricing of the service itself some additional options might be nice. To enable additional functionality a second concept of “FieldOne Price list Item” has been added. So having added your standard pricelist item you can optionally add more details.

Here is a FieldOne price list item example, I’ve given a table below to explain these additional options.

To explain the pricing math …. I’ve already shown that my hourly rate has been calculated to be £50. Let’s assume 2 hours’ worth of gardening will be done. I have said the minimum charge duration is 30 mins. Giving 30 minutes “free”. So 1 ½ hours will be billed giving me £50*1.5=£75. But then the minimum charge value will be added on giving a price for the 2 hour job of £95. Got it???

Field Meaning
Name This is simply a name for this item in the price list
Duration round to Rounding for the duration. My entry of 30 minutes essentially means I will bill in 30 minute chunks.
Flat fee Yes / no. Let’s you decide if a fixed fee for this service applies or if the billing is based on duration.
Minimum charge duration Used to make x amount of time free
Product / Service The product or service (typically service!) that this price list item relates to.
Duration Rounding Policy Options include, none, up, down and nearest. It will be common in field service situations to always round up. In my example above, I round to 30 minute chunks and always up. Meaning if I spent 31 minutes on a job I’d bill one hour.
Minimum Charge Amount Sets minimum amount for a visit, the value is added on to the final payment regardless of the amount of charged.
Price List This is the price list that the FieldOne price list item relates to.

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