FieldOne Sky – Time Off Requests

FieldOne Sky for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 contains a feature to allow resources to request time off, I will describe how this operates in this post.

Field agents can request time off directly from the FieldOne Sky Mobile application. Below you can see the Time Off Requests option

Here you can see that I have requested to take two days off next week. I created the request by clicking “+” after selecting the Time Off Requests option. Starting Monday 14th at 9am and ending on Tuesday 15th at 5pm.

Note: The time off reasons can be changed. They are control from the administration area of FieldOne settings.

Now if you view my working hours on my resource record in FieldOne Sky you can see that these two days have immediately been changed to be time off. This is fine but what-if my time off needs to be approved before being applied?

Time Off Request with approval.

On the resource you can define that time off requests need to be approved.

Now I will request a day off again from the mobile application. This time for Monday 21st Dec for a medical appointment.

Within FieldOne this request has not directly impacted my working hours. This time the request has been registered under the time of requests areas of FieldOne Sky. Selecting the record will activate the approve icon. My manager can then review the request and approve when ready.

And after the request is approved my working time is updated to show I am now off on the 21st Dec. Approving the request also makes the request inactive, removing it from the list of requests waiting to be activated.

Also, against the now inactive time off request a log of who approved my request is maintained.

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