FieldOne Sky – Creating a Work Order from a Case

Here I will continue my series of posts surrounding FieldOne Sky for Microsoft Dynamics CRM by looking at how to create a work order from a case.

I believe this process is quite a significant one, in a real world scenario it will be common for requests logged in a contact centre to involve creating a case. The case will then have an associated SLA and possibly contract making use of all the standard features found in CRM2016.

Often someone will try to resolve the case without needing to involve a field engineer. (First line support if you like.) But on the occasions when the problem requires the support of a field engineer then the case could be converted into a FieldOne work order.

I have a sample case below; you can see I have allocated the case an incident type. In my example my incident is “Routine Garden Maintenance”, this possibly isn’t the best example in the world. Sorry! But the point here is that with FieldOne installed cases have an additional field called incident type.

Tip: When defining incident types, you can say if they can be used on a case or not. If you select an incident type that isn’t allowed on a case a warning message will be given.

When I’m ready to convert this case into a work order, I simply select the “convert to work order” option in the ribbon bar of the case.

After a short pause a work order will be created that will pop-up in another window. The details of the case will have been carried forward into the work order, including the incident type. At this point the service tasks, service details and products will appear to be blank. Unfortunately, if you need to view or edit these you’ll need to save the work order and refresh the screen.

Error Messages!

When you first attempt this process you may see a message like the one below. This is because price list is a mandatory field on a work order. It is therefore important to set a default price list either on the customer or on the work order type.

Also you will need to have defined that the customer pays sales tax and if so what tax code should be applied.

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