FieldOne Sky – Create a Work Order from an Opportunity

Continuing my series on FieldOne Sky with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, I will next look at the concept of converting an opportunity into a work order.

I like this concept!

All too often we see that Microsoft Dynamics keeps the service modules and sales modules in neat boxes with no cross over whilst in the real world its common for the two concepts to have a significant overlap. For example: An agent in a contact centre may log and resolve support queries just as frequently as they upsell or cross sell products / services. Linking work orders to opportunities seems unlike some other CRM features but at the same time completely logical. For example: progressing an opportunity might involve sending out a field agent to complete a site survey or once won you may need to arrange on-site installation.

So what happens when you click the “convert to work order” button on an opportunity? Well out of the box all you are going to see is the error below! Slightly frustrating start. L

To resolve this error, you’ll need to add the work order type field to the opportunity form, publish and try again.

Also, having entered the work order type, when clicking the convert to work order button you must have entered a price list on the opportunity and also ensured that the account is set to be taxable (or not).

But finally, if you’ve entered everything correctly, clicking the convert to work order button on opportunity will generate a work order. J

On the opportunity you may have noticed that the field which must be entered is “Work Order Type” not (as I expected) the incident type. However, if the work order type selected mandates the use of incidents then you will be prompted to enter an incident type once the work order loads. This wasn’t the behaviour I expect but I guess is logical.

You can convert an opportunity to a work order multiple times. This is useful as I imagine there might often be reasons to conduct multiple site visits for one opportunity. However, multiple conversions will generate a warning message.

Something it doesn’t do!! …… As an opportunity can contain a list of products I wrongly expected these to be translated to my work order. This might not present a problem but you should be aware of this behaviour. You can’t assume that just because the opportunity contains a list of products / services that that these will automatically flow onto the work order.


One final point, work orders relate to accounts not contacts. So the opportunity must be for an account. If the opportunity “customer” is a contact you will get the following warning.


One thought on “FieldOne Sky – Create a Work Order from an Opportunity

  1. I am curious: now, in 2018, for Dynamics 365 CRM, did Microsoft ever come up with a way of solving this deficiency – quotes converted to work orders – transferring Incident information from an opportunity or quote to a work order? Or the capability to create a quote based on a work order? Did you find any solution to that?


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