Happy New Year 2016 – Pop Pickers

I have been writing this blog for a few months and thought the end of the year might be a good time to produce a list of my ten most “popular” posts, I hope someone has benefitted from my ramblings.

I’ve enjoyed writing my blog, creating it is really helping me learn more about CRM and connect with new people in the CRM community. I suspect I benefit more personally from producing this content than anyone!

The posts which have received the most hits are a mixed bunch!! (No accounting for taste.) I’m surprised to see that a random post about the MB2-706 exam comes out top (by a big margin), possibly a statement on the lack of information out there rather than a comment on the quality of my post.

  1. MB2-706 – Online Deployment Certification
  2. Open quick create or entity forms from JavaScript
  3. USD – Send Emails
  4. USD – Creating a new session
  5. USD – Create your first global tab
  6. Business Process Flows – JavaScript (part 2)
  7. JavaScript – Set Activity Party
  8. Learning Unified Service Desk
  9. JavaScript – Notifications
  10. FieldOne Sky – Install

Anyway, if you read my blog then a BIG thank you and I hope I can continue to add “interesting” content during 2016.

Happy New Year.


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