FieldOne Sky – Customization contains an entity that is not allowed

FieldOne Sky for Microsoft Dynamics CRM has a “free” mobile client, it maybe that you have installed a recent update and you are now getting the following error.

“Your Customization contains an entity (lead) that is not allowed to be used on Sky Mobile.” – Once you get this error you will be unable to use the mobile client. THIS IS NOT A BUG! At least I know this now after getting some great support from FieldOne.

To explain …. the Woodford Resco mobile client is a powerful mobile development tool that can be used for much more than “just” FieldOne Sky. Your online Pro license supports the “free” use of the mobile client for FieldOne but if you want to expand beyond this a full Resco license would be needed. Therefore, some restrictions apply. Firstly, you are restricted to the FieldOne entities. Secondly you can create custom entities but they must be (in theory) only related to FieldOne, without a Resco license the number of custom entities is limited to 10.

The following entities are now restricted in the mobile client;

  • Competitor
  • Goal
  • Lead
  • LeadAddress
  • List
  • Opportunity
  • OpportunityClose
  • OpportunityProduct
  • CustomerOpportunityRole
  • OpportunityCompettitors
  • SalesOrder
  • OrderClose
  • SalesOrderDetail
  • Queue
  • QueueItem
  • GoalRollupQuery
  • SalesLiterarureItem
  • SalesLiterature

I found that my FiedlOne Sky mobile project contained Lead, Opportunity and Sales Order. All of which needed to be disabled to allow me to continue. To do this follow the instructions below;

Open CRM and navigate to Woodford in settings.

Then open the MobileCRM Woodford customizations and administration option.

There will be a pause as Silverlight loads the Woodford mobile projects. Now open the FieldOne mobile project.

Under entities you will need to confirm that each one of the restricted entities has been disabled. As mentioned, I had to disable Lead, Opportunity and Sales Order. (But I guess you could have others.)

Below you can see that I’ve found the Lead entity, then I selected Disable and before doing a publish all. Repeat this process for all the entities restricted.

Now restart your mobile client. And if needed click on the icon shown below to download the latest changes.

After a short pause you should now connect to the mobile client without the previous error. If you get this problem then hopefully this fix will resolve it. J


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