FieldOne Sky – Customize Resource View in the Mobile Client

The FieldOne Sky mobile client for Microsoft Dynamics CRM shows a list of scheduled work orders, this is great expect by default it shows all work orders. As a field agent I might be only interested in my own work, therefore you might want to customize this view to only show schedules for the current user.

Below you can see that I can see what Janet and Fred have scheduled, no offence to them but I’m really not interested on where Janet is or what she is doing! So how can this be changed?

In this post I will use this “requirement” to explain how to make changes to the FieldOne mobile application. First of all you’ll need to navigate to the Woodford FieldOne mobile project from the settings area of CRM. To do this find the MobileCRM Woodford option in the settings area of CRM.

After a short pause the customization and administration screen will load, select the FieldOne project.

Now you will need to find the Work Order Schedule entity. You can see below that I have searched for “work” to narrow down the list of entities and then opened the Work Order Schedule entity. Anyone familiar with customizing CRM should (hopefully) instantly find the options familiar. The concepts of changing views and forms on the mobile client are not a million miles away from making changes to standard CRM entities.

One difference between the mobile client and standard CRM is the concept of off line and on line data. The sync filter helps you define what information will be synchonized onto the local device. So for this change I will start by looking at the sync filter.

Having selected the “Sync Filter” icon, you will be presented with a dialog something similar to the one shown below. This is very similar to a “normal” advanced find in CRM. Except you use the “Add Link” and “Add condition” buttons to add lines. In my example below I have added a link to resource and then added a condition that the user must be the current user.

The other option that needs to be changes is now the defaulty view will appear. To do this select the views option and then the primary view. As I have shown below.

Having selected the view, you will be presented with a screen similar to the one below. In this example we want to change the filter, so select the “Edit Filter” option.

Tip: Hopefully you can quickly see that you could also change the “columns” in the view, the sort order etc. You could also add addition views etc.

The edit filter option gives slightly different results to the sync filter option but hopefully you can see that the building of the query works in exactly the same manner. Again, here I have added a link to Resource and said that the user must be the current user.

Now, having saved you change. Use the “Publish All” option to make it live.

Back in your mobile application, you will need to download the latest changes to see this change take effect. Use the icon ….

After a short pause you’ll be ready to view your change. You can see below that my schedule no longer contains details for Janet and Fred.

Hopefully you will have found this post useful and I hope it’s given you ideas on how to customize the FieldOne Sky mobile application.

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