FieldOne Sky – Resource Start Locations

I’ve recently been asked a question about resource start locations in FieldOne Sky for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. As always, if I’m asked a question I’ll try to also include the answer in my blog assuming someone else might have the same query.

Each FieldOne Sky location needs a start (and end) location, this is used when scheduling work orders, for example by calculating the travel time to the first job.

Note: Although you can define a start and end location I have only seen out of the box logic use the start location. As far as I can tell the end location is simply used for reference. I will, of course, update this comment if I identify any specific functionality.

Two options are available, “Resource Address” and “Company Address”.

Company Address

The company address field comes from business unit associated with the owner of each resource. Including this on a business unit isn’t as simple as it sounds, you need to consider the following points;

  1. The address on the business unit does not auto-geo-code. Meaning the longitude and latitude fields on the business address do not automatically get set. You’ll need to get these details from some mapping software and enter manually. (Or maybe try entering the address manually on a work order and grab the details!)
  2. If you only have one business unit or wish to set an address on the root business unit you may need to resolve a bug in the CRM business unit maintenance! On a business unit (out of the box) the parent business unit is a mandatory field. This causes a problem! Your root business unit doesn’t have a parent business unit meaning it is impossible to save any changes because of the incorrectly defined mandatory requirement. Luckily this is simple to solve by altering the parent business unit to be an optional field. (Just be careful all your business units except the parent business unit have a parent defined!)

For clarity, when I say business unit is used for the company address I mean the company address defined on the business unit that is associated with the resource when the resource is created. (See below.)

Resource Addresses

The location used for the “resource address” start location will vary depending on the resource type. The options include user, crew, service centre, company asset, account and contact.

User – Resource Address

The user will take the resource address from the users home address on their systemuser record. Don’t forget that with CRM online this is maintained by the Global admin in Office 365 admin. So this isn’t changeable in CRM. It is important to ensure the address is accurately recording on Office 365. I had an example when an incorrect country code had been entered, meaning the resource would never show in the resource assistant. (In my case the country had been entered as “GB” instead of “UK”. I guess entering “England” or “Great Britain” could give similar results.)

Crew – Resource Address

Honestly, I am unsure with crew. Although I believe the crew will use the address from the business unit. Meaning it would always use the company address. (Note: I am still testing the logic associated with crews and will blog on this separately once I have it nailed.)

Service Centre and Company Asset – Resource Address

Neither of these need to be linked to another CRM entity meaning they will always only use the company address. In my tests setting them to use the resource address had no effect as the company address was always used regardless of the type of start location selected. But for clarity it might be best if you always enter “Company Address” as the start location on these.

Contact and Account – Resource Address

As account and contact resources will be linked to a CRM record, these will therefore take the resource address as the primary address (“address1”). If you wish to have a resource that isn’t a CRM user being scheduled from a particular start location create that resource as a contact and use its primary address as the resource address.

Hopefully this post will be useful to anyone trying to understand the start locations used by FieldOne Sky. J

One thought on “FieldOne Sky – Resource Start Locations

  1. Hi Neil, thanks for taking the time to post! A few comments:

    1. The resource end location is actually used in the schedule assistant. When you are using the schedule assistant and an opening appears towards the end of the work day, the SA checks to make sure the resource will be able to drive home within the working hours. How does it know what “home” is? Based on the resource end location

    2. I think you cleared it up, but with regards to the resource and BU relationship. The resource location if set to BU comes from the BU on the resource record as opposed to from the resource>owner>BU. This concept of having a BU directly on an entity will likely be deprecated so we will adjust accordingly if that happens.

    3. Crew- you are correct, this comes from BU always

    4. FYI there is a setting in fieldone settings to auto geocode new address as entered. Just a tip that will help when created new accounts and contacts.

    Thanks again for blogging!


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