MB2-714 Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Customer Service

Today I started to revise for the newly released MB2-714 CRM exam. (Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Customer Service)

This a new certification which measures your knowledge of all things service related within Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016.

As you’d expect the exam covers cases, queue management and service scheduling all subjects previously covered in other Microsoft Certifications. But this new course goes further testing your knowledge of the interactive service hub, FieldOne, Unified Service Desk, Power BI and Voice of the Customer. Many of these topics will be new to many people. I therefore plan to create blog posts as I revise, partly as an aid to my own learning but also in an attempt to create some useful information for others.

Let’s kick off by looking at the topics covered in this exam.

Manage cases and the knowledge base

Create and manage cases

This topic may include: Work with the case list and views; search for case records; create a new case record; understand fields on a default case form; analyze business process flows; convert activities to cases; understand the case resolution process; use case routing rules; use case creation rules.

Create and manage the knowledge base

This topic may include: Search for articles; associate an article with a case; use knowledge base articles to help resolve cases; create, manage, and maintain knowledge base article templates; create, modify, and publish knowledge base articles; format articles; attach knowledge base articles to email messages.

Manage queues, entitlements, and service level agreements (SLAs)

Create and manage queues

This topic may include: Understand system queues and personal queues; create and maintain queues; add cases and activities to queues; work with queue items; implement case routing.

Create and manage entitlements

This topic may include: Create and maintain entitlement templates; create a new entitlement; add entitlement lines; associate products; associate entitlement channels; associate an SLA; activate an entitlement; renew an entitlement.

Create and manage SLAs

This topic may include: Understand standard and enhanced SLAs; create SLA actions and details; use SLAs on-demand; manage cases with SLAs; manage service scheduling, interactive service hub, and the unified service desk.

Manage service scheduling, interactive service hub, and the unified help desk

Implement and manage service scheduling

This topic may include: Understand service scheduling scenarios; understand the service scheduling process flow; define and manage resources; implement customer service schedules; create and manage resource groups; define sites, holiday schedules, and services; schedule service activities in the Service Calendar; manage service activities.

Work with the interactive service hub and the unified service desk

This topic may include: Work with single-stream and multi-stream dashboards; manage queues and cases from streams; create interactive dashboards; understand the unified service desk; understand integrated agent desktop components.

Work with FieldOne and surveys and perform service management analysis

Perform service management analysis

This topic may include: Use Microsoft Power BI service dashboards; work with the Service Calendar; work with service reports; work with service dashboards; work with system charts for cases; understand service metrics and goals; create goals for case records.

Use FieldOne with service management

This topic may include: Understand FieldOne functionality; identify reasons to automate the field service organization; identify the benefits of using FieldOne.

Work with surveys

This topic may include: Understand survey distribution options; create and configure surveys; capture responses.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will create posts on each of the topics listed above. So please check back in often! J

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