USD 2.0.1 Released

You may have noticed that the links to download USD haven’t been working for the last couple of days.

This is because Unified Service Desk version 2.0.1 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM has just been released.

It you have an existing USD solution and would like to upgrade it, follow these steps;

  1. Download new version of USD.
  2. Extract the USD with package deployer
  3. Install Solutions.
  4. Install new client.

Step One – Download new version of USD.

You can find the new version at this link;

Simply click download and opt to download all of the required components.

You could miss the CRM2016-8.0.1-USD-i376.exe, this is only needed for 32 bit clients. I’ve only got 64 bit clients so haven’t used that file!

Step Two – Extract the USD with package deployer

Having download the files the first step is to extract the new solutions you need to install as part of your upgrade. To do this run the CRM2016-8.0.1-USD-PackageDeployer.

As these are instructions for an upgrade you don’t need to run the package deployer. Simply find two solution files from any of the packages in the extracted files. See below that I have locate two solutions in the BasePackage. You can take them from nay package, they are all the same!

Step Three – Install solutions

Next you will install the solution called “UiiForMicrosoftDynamicsCRM_3_0_managed. Followed by DynamicsUnifiedServiceDesk_1_0_managed. (Order is significant.)

This is a “standard” import of a managed solution. Afterwards my solution versions looked like this;

Step Four – Install new client

Now on you clients install the lastest USD client. You can see that below I am using CRM2016-8.0.1-USD-amd64.

You will follow a standard install routine, just likje the first time you installed the client.

Finally load USD and you should notice that the version number has increased.


10 thoughts on “USD 2.0.1 Released

    • I agree. Although better they nip the problem in the bud. Hopefully we’ll have an updated version soon.

      I must say I have been using the latest version quite intensively and I haven’t had any problems. I’m sure normal service will be restored soon.


  1. Everyone please take care not to incorporate systemuser entity into a Managed solution when shipped to test or prod, then try and update the USD solutions. You will get nasty errors in the Package Deployer when it tries to loop through its install of holding solution and uninstall USD. Solution is to remove systemuser from your own solution, import as Managed then redo Package Deployer


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  3. Hi Sir,

    Do we need to overwrite the customization or we just need to import the solution without overwrite (i.e. to import solution by maintaining existing configuration which is also a recommended way). Whats your take on this ? If we didn’t overwrite, will one get the all features ? Please revert ! Its bit urgent 🙂

    1.) I need this As some users are note getting “attach & done” button on NOTES at CRM Case form at USD but when same users accessing same case form at browser then they are finding the “attach & done” button

    2.) Also when the same user is accessing CRM on different computer then he is even finding “attach & done” button on NOTES at CRM Case form at USD application.

    Thanks !


    • Let me confirm my understanding is correct …. you want to upgrade USD solutions but you do not want to touch current configurations. (So your will not change?)

      If this is the case the answer is not use the package deployer!

      Download the latest USD. Run the package deployer but just to extract the package. Go into the folder for the extracted files. You will find folders for one of the sample packages. In those you will find two solution files. A UII one and a USD one. In you CRM import the UII solution then the USD solution.

      Then after that also ensure you upgrade your local client.

      I believe this will work ….. but (as always) try this on a test system before hitting production!

      It is certainly worth upgrading but have you seen that your issues are fixed in release notes. I am asking as I haven’t seen those issues before. Although I guess upgrading and then re-testing would be a sensible approach regardless.

      Hope this helps.



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