USD – maxNumberOfSessions

A quick post …… In Unified Service Desk (USD) for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, it is possible to limit the number of sessions users can open. I suggest you always set a limit to stop users putting an unnecessary load onto your servers!

To do this simply create a option called “maxNumberOfSessions” and set the value to the maximum number you’d like.

My option looked like this (I opted for a maximum of 5 sessions) .…..

When the maximum number of sessions is reached, you’ll see a message like this ….

A quick post but hopefully a feature that is useful to know about. J

3 thoughts on “USD – maxNumberOfSessions

  1. Hi Neil.

    Your articles are always great source of information in terms of USD.

    It would indeed help if you can also have an article on SSO. Its a basic requirement in all the implementation but havent seen much information on it anywhere.


    • Thanks for the comment and suggestion.

      My test application actually includes ability to send tweets and search linkedin. So adding single sign on would be useful. I will look at this and blog about it as soon as I can.


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