USD – Check Versions (and ShowAbout action)

I was recently asked a simple question about Unified Service Desk (USD) for Microsoft Dynamics CRM (And I love answering simple questions!!) ….

How do I see what version of USD I am running? ……. here is the answer!

First of all, there are two areas you should ideally check the version on. Those being the USD client on the desktop and the solutions installed on the server.

Firstly (and probably most importantly) what version of the USD client you are running? This can be seen on the top left hand corner of the splash screen displayed when USD loads. An example is below.

Next you should check the version number of the two solutions needed to make USD run. So go into CRM, select settings and solutions. Then check the version numbers on both of the solutions related to USD. As example is shown below.

If you are using one of the Microsoft sample USD packages, you will also already have an “About” button in your about toolbar within the USD client. Selecting that will display the details shown below.

If you don’t have a toolbar button to display the about details, you can create one.

Firstly, create an action call. An example is below. Notice that my hosted control is global manager and the action is ShowAbout.

Having created this action, it is a simple process to add a toolbar button that calls this action. An example is below.

Hopefully this information will enable you to quickly find which version of USD you are using. J

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