USD – Version Released

A new version of USD has just been released. (25/05/2016)

You can download it from here,

I will blog about the enhancements as soon as I have tested them. But the first thing to know is that the package deployer has been upgraded. You can now use it to upgrade an existing USD instance.

Also the sample packages have been change. One is about using the Interactive Service Hub within USD. Which is one of the new features I am looking forward to using.

I have used the new upgrade option to install this on my test environment. It worked a treat.

I hope you enjoy this new version. I will blog about the details of the upgrade as I test each new feature.

4 thoughts on “USD – Version Released

    • Yes, I have also seen this post. I did look at building on this to create a more comprensive SSO approach. However the suggestion that this works with any website is not as simple as it sounds. As the coding for each website will differ depending on the object names (etc) used in the site. The approach can be adopted for specific sites but creating a generic approach is a big ask. When I get chance I would like to document the logic to sign into some common sites. Such as Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter. Honestly unsure when I will get time but it is on my wish list to look at. 🙂


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