MB2-712 Certification: (Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Customization and Configuration) – Revision Guide

I have been completing a series of posts to help people prepare for the MB2-712 certification (Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Customization and Configuration. Here is a collection of links to all of these posts. I hope these might serve as a useful revision aid for the MB2-712 exam.

The MB2-712 certification is not easy to study for. At least in my opinion! The reason being the scope of the exam. CRM is a large product and therefore customizing it is a big topic. But a fun topic and one you will really enjoy learning about.

Revision Notes (Introduction)

Introduction / Overview to MB2-712 Exam

Configure Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • Configure Dynamics CRM settings
    • Configure auditing, document management and collaboration; configure business units; perform user management; configure email; manage teams
  • Manage Dynamics CRM security
    • Understand security roles; define permissions and privileges; configure access levels; configure security roles; assign security roles; work with multiple security roles; manage access; manage security hierarchy

Revision Notes

Manage and implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM entities, entity relationships and fields

  • Manage Dynamics CRM entities
    • Manage entity ownership; manage entity properties; understand system and custom entities
  • Configure field customizations
    • Understand and configure fields; configure field properties; use calculated fields; use rollup fields; configure global option sets; create alternate keys; configure field-level security; understand status and status reasons
  • Implement entity relationships
    • Understand relationship types; understand cascading rules; work with hierarchical data; understand and configure entity mapping; create connections and connection roles

Revision Notes

Create and manage Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions, forms, views and visualisations

  • Create and manage Dynamics CRM solutions
    • Understand solution components; identify solution types; create managed and unmanaged solutions; configure publishers and versions; work with multiple solutions; import and export solutions
  • Customize Dynamics CRM forms
    • Understand the form structure; build a form; use specialized form components; use access teams and sub-grids; work with navigation; understand form types; use multiple forms; implement form customizations and mobile clients
  • Implement Dynamics CRM views and visualizations
    • Understand view types; manage system, public and personal views; create, modify and delete views; customize views; customize charts; customize dashboards; use themes

Revision Notes

Implement business rules, workflows and business process flows

  • Implement and manage business rules
    • Understand when to use business rules; understand business rule scopes; understand how business rules are triggered; configure business rules, conditions and actions
  • Implement and manage workflows, dialogs and custom actions
    • Implement workflows; identify workflow types; implement dialogs and custom actions; identify when to use business process flows, workflow dialogs and custom actions
  • Implement and manage business process flows
    • Understand business process flows; enable business process flows; work with steps, stages and categories; work with multiple entities; use conditional branching; implement role-driven business process flows

Revision Notes


28 thoughts on “MB2-712 Certification: (Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Customization and Configuration) – Revision Guide

  1. Hello Neil,

    Yesterday I passed the exam MB2-712. I used as preparation materials mainly your articles, the Microsoft TechNet library for MS CRM 2016, as well as the 30-days online demo of the product.

    I would like to thank you again for the posts that were of a great help for me. I will continue to follow them with a huge interest.

    Best regards,


    Liked by 1 person

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  3. Hi Neil,
    Very useful notes for revision. Started off with Microsoft training material provided on the course and then moved onto your notes/guides.
    I passed my exam yesterday too so all good.
    Thank you very much.


  4. Hi Neil,

    One more in the club 🙂

    I also used this materials to pass MB2-712. I find them very useful, and will definitely continue to use them.

    Thank you!


  5. Hi Neil,
    Thanks for a great revision guide. It helped me to pass the MB2-712 on my first try.
    Now, lets move on and start preparing for MB12-713. Hope the revision guide is as good is this one. 😉

    Best Regards,
    Robin (Sweden)


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  7. Good day Neil,
    I passed my MB2-714 today.I mustn’t fail to acknowledge that your post was quite instrumental to my success.
    I appreciate!!!


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