MB2-712 Certification: (Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Customization and Configuration) – Revision Guide

I have been completing a series of posts to help people prepare for the MB2-712 certification (Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Customization and Configuration). Here is a collection of links to all of those posts. I hope these might serve as a useful revision aid for the MB2-712 exam.

The MB2-712 certification is not easy to study for. At least in my opinion! The reason being the scope of the exam. CRM 2016 is a large product and therefore customizing it is a big topic. But a fun topic and one you will really enjoy learning about.

Revision Notes (Introduction)

Introduction / Overview to MB2-712 Exam

Configure Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • Configure Dynamics CRM settings
    • Configure auditing, document management and collaboration; configure business units; perform user management; configure email; manage teams
  • Manage Dynamics CRM security
    • Understand security roles; define permissions and privileges; configure access levels; configure security roles; assign security roles; work with multiple security roles; manage access; manage security hierarchy

Revision Notes

Manage and implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM entities, entity relationships and fields

  • Manage Dynamics CRM entities
    • Manage entity ownership; manage entity properties; understand system and custom entities
  • Configure field customizations
    • Understand and configure fields; configure field properties; use calculated fields; use rollup fields; configure global option sets; create alternate keys; configure field-level security; understand status and status reasons
  • Implement entity relationships
    • Understand relationship types; understand cascading rules; work with hierarchical data; understand and configure entity mapping; create connections and connection roles

Revision Notes

Create and manage Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions, forms, views and visualisations

  • Create and manage Dynamics CRM solutions
    • Understand solution components; identify solution types; create managed and unmanaged solutions; configure publishers and versions; work with multiple solutions; import and export solutions
  • Customize Dynamics CRM forms
    • Understand the form structure; build a form; use specialized form components; use access teams and sub-grids; work with navigation; understand form types; use multiple forms; implement form customizations and mobile clients
  • Implement Dynamics CRM views and visualizations
    • Understand view types; manage system, public and personal views; create, modify and delete views; customize views; customize charts; customize dashboards; use themes

Revision Notes

Implement business rules, workflows and business process flows

  • Implement and manage business rules
    • Understand when to use business rules; understand business rule scopes; understand how business rules are triggered; configure business rules, conditions and actions
  • Implement and manage workflows, dialogs and custom actions
    • Implement workflows; identify workflow types; implement dialogs and custom actions; identify when to use business process flows, workflow dialogs and custom actions
  • Implement and manage business process flows
    • Understand business process flows; enable business process flows; work with steps, stages and categories; work with multiple entities; use conditional branching; implement role-driven business process flows

Revision Notes


65 thoughts on “MB2-712 Certification: (Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Customization and Configuration) – Revision Guide

  1. Hello Neil,

    Yesterday I passed the exam MB2-712. I used as preparation materials mainly your articles, the Microsoft TechNet library for MS CRM 2016, as well as the 30-days online demo of the product.

    I would like to thank you again for the posts that were of a great help for me. I will continue to follow them with a huge interest.

    Best regards,


    Liked by 1 person

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  3. Hi Neil,
    Very useful notes for revision. Started off with Microsoft training material provided on the course and then moved onto your notes/guides.
    I passed my exam yesterday too so all good.
    Thank you very much.


  4. Hi Neil,

    One more in the club 🙂

    I also used this materials to pass MB2-712. I find them very useful, and will definitely continue to use them.

    Thank you!


  5. Hi Neil,
    Thanks for a great revision guide. It helped me to pass the MB2-712 on my first try.
    Now, lets move on and start preparing for MB12-713. Hope the revision guide is as good is this one. 😉

    Best Regards,
    Robin (Sweden)


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  7. Good day Neil,
    I passed my MB2-714 today.I mustn’t fail to acknowledge that your post was quite instrumental to my success.
    I appreciate!!!


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  9. Hey Neil,
    Awesome info regarding everything in CRM 2016 and that really helped me clear my MB2-712 certification. I recently passed this certification. Thank you very much Neil !!!


  10. Hi Neil,
    I referred to this perfect revision guide only, followed whatever you had suggested and passed MB2-712 exam today.
    I thank and extremely appreciate you for giving your valuable time and effort in sharing your tremendous experience and vast knowledge with all needful.
    You’re great.God bless you!


    • Hi Lee

      The MB2-716 exam is new. It is the Dynamics 365 version of the exam. If you want to take an exam specific to CRM 2016 then stick with the previous exam. But I would suggest you consider the MB2-716 exam simply because it is newer. (Being a new exam, I have not yet taken it. So currently can’t comment on its detail.)

      Hope this helps



  11. Hello Neil,

    Thanks for the revision guide. The blog provides knowledge which is useful beyond certification exam. It surely helped me score in exam.

    I am looking forward to opt MB2-711 certification exam. It will be very helpful if you provide revision guide for same. 🙂


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  14. Hi Neil,

    Please help me to clear MB2-712 Exams
    I am still searching for Study Material & links & dumps
    I really want to clear this exam

    Please share me some link & PDF

    Thanks in advance
    Neha Arora


    • Hi Neha

      I am sorry but I don’t have any exam dumps. I assume you have seen my revision guides, those plus plenty of hands on experience will help you pass.

      I know if you search you may find some companies selling sample questions. Although I can’t recommend these.

      Good luck.



  15. Thanks for helpful notes, passed my exam this morning, quick question what will be your advice for someone taking CRM exams for the first time-whether to continue with CRM 2016 exams or rather take Dynamics 365 exams.


    • Hi

      Firstly well done, the CRM2016 exams and Dynamics 365 are both “current”. But obviously Dynamics 365 is the newest variant. Therefore I would suggest people start to take those exams if possible.



      • If I can offer a comment. The newer versions of the exams now offer an MCSA and MCSE path which the 2016 versions do not.




    • Well done, currently I only have the detail published for MB2-712. The two exams have lots in common but I am creating a new series with a focus on MB2-716. Well done again, these exams aren’t easy!


  16. Hi Neil, great content. Thank you for taking the time to put these blog posts together, the format and content really helps one to prepare adequately.

    Keep it up!


  17. Hi Neil, just want to say thanks for the revision guide and all the posts related to it. This was really helpful to achieve the certification as a study material.


  18. Hi Neil,
    During this year we have been preparing the exam a group of colleagues, getting the certification, we want to thank you for your effort and the help that your blog has given us. Your summaries are nice and go to the core of each topic helping to systematize the knowledge. Thank you once again, for us you are a hero.

    Liked by 1 person

  19. Neil,

    This is the best source of information in tandem with the DLP and TechNet I have been able to locate. Thank you for compiling this data for us all to partake in. Im experiencing a slightly different issue. I am an MCP with several certs and now with the new d365 exams my organization is pushing for current certified consultants. I attempted the d365 custom and config exam after passing the 712 and several other certs and fail to succeed. any tips on us non-veterans trying to learn the new features for the newest exams when there is almost no material available.


  20. Hi Neil,
    I am working on dynamics CRM for 4 years now as CRM developer & admin but I haven’t written single exam so far. I’d like to start taking exams from now on(Your blog posts are one of the reasons) and get certified. But I am not quite sure which exam to take. Currently we’ve upgraded to CRM 2016 from 2015. We are on-prem. Soon we are planning to move on to cloud(Dynamics 365).
    So what is your suggestion considering my background, should I take MB2-712 or take the very latest for dynamics 365 as we are about to migrate to cloud from on-prem. Please let me know your valuable suggestion. Thank you so much for your valuable notes.


    • You sound like someone who is customising Dynamics 365! So I would start with either mb2-712 or the newer mb2-716. I think I would go for the newer exam! You might have slightly more to learn but the effort to learn newer stuff will be worth it! Once you are in the cloud you will need to keep your knowledge current! Plus if you do mb2-716 then mb2-715 you get the Mcsa certification. (Which we didn’t previously get!)

      Either way, good luck.



    • Hi

      MB2-712 is a customisation exam, MB2-717 is the sales exam for Dynamics 365. So quite different.

      MB2-712 is all about configuring / changing Dynamics.

      MB2-717 will cover the sales functionality within Dynamics 365.

      Note: MB2-712 is actually the old customisation exam. It has been replaced by MB2-716. So you might want to look at that one instead.




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