USD – Basic Training Module 7

Unified Service Desk (USD) for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a framework that allows you to quickly create call center applications. This is the seventh module in a training course I’ve created to help beginners understand the basics of USD.

In previous modules we’ve learnt how to open sessions and show case associated views in USD, in this module we will build on this concept by opening other tabs within the session.

By the end of the video your navigation rules should look something like this ….

Next time I will continue with module 8! In which we will look at taking notes and adding browser like navigation to our toolbars. J

Enjoyed module 7? Try module 8.

5 thoughts on “USD – Basic Training Module 7

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  4. Hi Neil,
    Thanks for the awesome videos. They are absolutely great to get started.

    I have a query on why should we have both InPlace and PopUp navigation rule in place for the Cases or Opportunity Navigation. Additionally, when I removed the In place rule and kept only the PopUp rule, it did’nt open the Opportunity Window, however when doe the otherway, it open the opportunity window in a new tab. Is that an expected behavior?

    Thanks in Advance!



    • Hi Anir

      Glad you like the videos.

      I will try to explain …..

      Forget USD for a second! Whenever a something opens in IE (or any browser) one of two things happen. Consider opportunities, something you will click on an existing opportunity and that will tend to open in the current window (aka in place). But other times you might open a new opportunity and that will open in a new tab. (aka popup)

      With your navigation rules you are trying to cover both eventualities. Depending on your application you may find you only need one route type. But I tend to always create both then I have everything covered.

      The behavior you describe is expected. Say you are clicking on an existing opportunity, removing the in place route would have an impact. But the popup would not be triggered by that so would be unaffected.

      I hope this makes sense. Navigation rules are actually quite simple but are something newcomers to USD seem to struggle with. As I said in my opening keeping going back to what would happen in a browset outside of USD, that should help you understand. Also look in the debugger as that sometimes gives clue to what is going on!

      Hope this helps



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