USD – Basic Training Module 11

Unified Service Desk (USD) for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a framework that allows you to quickly create call center applications.

This is the 11th and final module in a training course I’ve created to help beginners understand the basics of USD.

In previous modules we’ve built a fully functioning USD application and learnt how to debug any issues. Now I will cover how to export your working configuration from a development environment and import into production.

Before you start you may need to download and extract the CRM SDK. It can be found here;

You should have already download the USD package deployer, but if you need it you can find it here;

Hopefully you have enjoyed these 11 modules. I hope you agree that Unified Service Desk is an exciting product. Now you have learnt the basics you should be well positioned to begin to develop a real application.

Want to know more about USD? Try reading my “USD book“.

Have Fun! J

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