Field Service and Voice of the Customer

Recently I wrote a post that explained how to configure a survey using the Voice of the Customer feature for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, in this post I will expand on that by showing how you can automate sending out a survey from work orders with Field Service.

I happen to be showing this concept from the point of view of a work order in Field Service but you could adapt it for completion of a case or other trigger points.

In my solution I want to send a satisfaction survey to a customer following a field agent completing a “job” (work order). This will involve creating the survey and emailing it to the customer. Deciding which email address to send the survey to might need some thought and your solution may need to be slightly different to mine. If there is a contact logged on the work order who reported the request, then I will send the email to them. But recording a reported by contact is optional so if I don’t have this information I will revert to sending the email to the service account.

First you will need to create your survey, refer to my previous post if required.

Next you will need to create a workflow, mine is shown below.

This workflow is pretty simple but I will break down each component part to help you fully understand my thought processes. Firstly, you should note the entity for the workflow, it is “Work Order”.

Available to Run

I opted to run the workflow in background, this makes sense as the operator doesn’t need to instantly see the survey. Plus, the work order is going to be typically completed by an engineer out on site, so the survey can be created in background without the engineer being involved.

Notice I also opted to allow this work flow to be run on-demand. My logic here was …. If the email ever didn’t send the workflow could be manually re-run against a work order(s) as required.

Options for Automatic Processes

Next I need to decide when the workflow is triggered.

Initially I selected that the workflow would be triggered when the record status changed, as I want to end an email when the status changes to “Open – Complete”. Then I realised that the work order status isn’t actually held in the standard out of the box status field. To solve this I also selected “Record fields change” and by using the “Select” option I could that select the “System Status” field.

If you wish to trigger this workflow use using a custom sub status on the work order you could opt for the “Sub-Status” field instead.

Workflow Steps

Next we have the work steps, initially there is a condition that checks the work order status is “Open – Complete”, then my first action is to create the survey.

Create the Service Activity

Let’s take a quick look at the “Set Properties” option on the create service activity step.

In this I only actually needed to define 4 fields.

Field Description
Subject Here I could have given the survey pretty much any name. I opted just to add some text and the work order number.
Regarding We will want the survey to link back to the job that has just been completed, so it must be regarding the work order.
To I opted to add the service account here.
Survey Here you must select the survey you wish to create.


Next we simply need to create an email. I did however have a condition on this. If we know the contact who reported the work order, then they are probably the best person to complete our survey. But if this isn’t know to us I will simply send the email to the “Service Account”.

I could have used either the service account or billing account. But felt the service account would be the most logical in this example.

Looking at the properties will show that this example email is pretty simple …. Obviously you could take longer creating better wording and adding in more information from the originating work order.

A few things to note;

  • I opted to set the from field to be the person who last modified the work order. Meaning the survey will come from the field agent who completed the job. If you don’t want this you could insert another field here.
  • The to field will contain “Reported By Contact” or “Service Account”.
  • The body of the email will contain a link that will be our survey.

To add the line in the “Look for” field I selected “CREATE THE SERVICE ACTIVITY” from Local Values. This is the comment above the step we created the service activity. If you used a different comment or didn’t add a comment the name will be slightly different. Then the field I needed to add is called “Invitation Link”. The link will have been automatically created when we created the survey.

If you decide to send out customer satisfaction surveys when work orders complete, I hope this post will have given you some ideas / pointers.

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