USD – Show Outside (URL)

I do like to answer questions on Unified Service Desk (USD) for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

I recently had someone request I create a blog post on how to show a url outside of USD. (Looks like I am taking requests now!! J)

To demonstrate how to show a URL in an Internet Explorer window outside of Unified Service Desk I will explain who to create a useful help feature.

The steps involved are;

  1. Create a popup action.
  2. Add the action to a toolbar button.
  3. Create a window navigation rule.

Step One – Create a popup action

My action is shown below…

Field Description
Name I called mine “CRM Global Manager – Popup (Help)”. You could call yours anything you like.
Order I didn’t need to set an order as my toolbar was only going to call this one action.
Hosted Control CRM Global Manager

I used CRM Global Manager as it would allow me to trigger the popup but not being related to a visible tab nothing would be seen within my USD interface.

Action Popup

It is important that you select a “Popup” action and NOT a navigate action.

Data url=

Here I just list the “url” I want to load. In my example I wanted to offer a help on USD button so I simply directed people to my blog. (I didn’t say this was a serious example you should copy!)

Step Two – Add the action to a toolbar button

Next I needed to create a toolbar button and add my action. I opted to show a help feature in my existing about toolbar.

Below you can see I have added a “Help” option to the about toolbar.

My help button is shown below. Notice that I have given the button an image and that importantly I have not entered anything in the show tab field. Once I had saved my button I simply added that action we created in step one. So simple stuff.

Step Three – Create a window navigation rule

If there is a clever bit to this example, then this is it.

What I am trying to achieve in this example is to load a web page in Internet Explorer but NOT to use a USD tab. As I want the page to load outside of USD. Loading “things” outside of USD is often a useful trick but you should keep in mind that once outside USD can have no further interactions with whatever was loaded.

My navigation rule looked like this;

Field Description
Name I called mine “Help – Show Outside” You could call yours anything you like.
Order All navigation rules must have an order as they are evaluated in sequence. In my example “1” worked fine.
From I could have said “CRM Global Manager” as that is the hosted control that popup is coming from. But I left blank to show that in this example that wasn’t essential and this field is optional. Although recommended.

I could have entered the entire url here and sometimes you will. I wanted however to demonstrate that you can enter a partial relative url. This navigation rule will actually load any page from my blog triggered from any hosted control outside of USD. (This is why you might want to specify a from field and a more detail url!)

Route Type Popup

We fired a popup action so it stands to reason that the route type will be popup.

Destination Tab
Action Show Outside

This action will tell USD to load the tab outside of USD.

Target tab and show tab Both blank as we aren’t using a tab. We are not showing the url in a tab we are loading it in IE outside of USD.

Finally, I tested my simple change. You can see that I have a “?” icon in my about toolbar and that clicking this will load a page from my blog. Proving the IE window has loaded outside of USD is simple. If you close USD the IE window will remain. If the page you have opened closes when USD closes you have done something wrong as it isn’t outside.

Hopefully this very simple example has answered the question I was asked. Plus I have also shown that I take requests!!!

5 thoughts on “USD – Show Outside (URL)

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  2. Thanks for writing this, although I was able to achieved this earlier in a bit different way. you used here CRM Global Manager, I used here name of my hosted control & the result was same. It means this is not restricted to use CRM Global Manager rather you can use hosted control name here (which should be Standard Web Application type of hosted control)

    And there is no doubt about this, that you take requests of many readers like me, many of your posts on several issues related to USD & others are outcome of requests only 🙂

    Special Thanks to you, as our Project is on a verge of going Live ….Which couldn’t be possible without your help. 🙂


    • Thanks, you are right I could have used a hosted control other than global manager and the result will be the same. Actually it doesn’t matter what the hosted controls component type is! As you aren’t loading the web page in that hosted control the popup action is triggering a popup from that hosted control not to it.

      I do like questions from people as it helps give me ideas for content from my blog.

      I hope your project go live goes well.


  3. Hi Sir,

    How can we give CRM “Global Search” Feature in the USD application ? Please reply. or if its possible please write a post ?


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