MB2-710 – Office 365 Admin Roles

As I revise for the MB2-710 exam I am creating posts covering all aspects of my revision. Hopefully collectively they may help others prepare for the MB2-710 certification. (Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Online Deployment.)

In this post I will look at online services administrator roles.

The roles within Office 365 include;

  • Global admin
  • Billing admin
  • Password admin
  • Service admin
  • User management
Role Description
Global Administrator
Manages mailboxes and anti-spam policies via the Exchange admin center. The global admin has control of all administrative features in Office 365. Including being a system administrator for CRM the global admin will be able to administer other services including Skype, Exchange etc.

By default, the person who signs up to buy Office 365 will become the global admin.

Global admins are the only admins who can assign other admin roles.

Billing Administrator
Makes purchases, manages subscriptions, manages support tickets and monitors service health.
Password Administrator
Resets passwords, manages service requests and monitors service health.
Service Administrator
Opens support request with Microsoft and views the service dashboard and message center.
User Management Administrator Resets passwords, monitors service health and manages user accounts and service requests.

Note: The user management administrator can’t delete a global admin user, create other admins or reset passwords for billing, global and service admins.

You’ll need a Security Role of System Administrator, Global Administrator, User Management Administrator or Password Administrator to reset passwords of other CRM Online Users. Password Administrators can only reset the passwords of Users and other Password Administrators. User Management Administrators cannot reset the passwords of Billing, Global, and Service Administrators. System Administrators and Global Administrators can reset the passwords of all Users and Administrators

In addition to the admins roles used within Office 365 other service specific admins exist, including admins for Exchange, SharePoint, Skype and CRM.

Role Description
Exchange Administrator
Manages mailboxes and anti-spam policies via the Exchange admin center.
SharePoint Administrator
Manages document storage for the business on SharePoint online via the SharePoint admin center. (Global admins are also SharePoint administrators but does need a SharePoint license.)

They can also assign other people to be site collection administrators and term store administrators.

Skype for Business Administrators
Configures skype for business and reviews usage reports.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online
There is not a specific Office 365 role for CRM administration. However, when someone is assigned as a Global Admin they are automatically assigned the System administrator role in CRM.

Note: Anyone with the Service Admin role in Office 365 is also automatically assigned as a system administrator in CRM.

Someone with the CRM system administrator can assign other users as system admins in CRM. (These additional CRM administrators do not necessarily need the Global Admin role in Office 365.)

No CRM online license is required when the system admin role is automatically assigned. BUT, this will only give access to the settings area of CRM. To gain access to CRM records a CRM license will need to be assigned. If a user has admin access but no CRM license that the access mode on their user record in CRM will show as “Administrative” rather than “Read-Write”.

Note: Removing global admin or service admin roles from a user in Office 365 will revoke their system administrator role in CRM.

Users are created in Office 365 admin and can have an appropriate role assigned. Below you can see how within the roles section we can assign global admin permissions.

And if I select customized administrator the additional roles I have described will be available;

Notice that if you select the “service administrator” role then the system will force entry of an alternative email address.

I hope this post has helped you understand the administration roles of Office 365. As always never rely on just theory when preparing for an exam. Maybe try creating admins of different types with and without CRM licenses to see what happens. J

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