MB2-710 – Storage Management

As I revise for the MB2-710 exam I am creating posts covering all aspects of my revision. Hopefully collectively they may help others prepare for the MB2-710 certification. (Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Online Deployment.)

In this post I will look at storage management.

Your initial minimum order of 5 professional licenses provides an intial 5Gb of storage. For each additional 20 professional or enterprise licenses 2.5Gb is added. (To a maximum of 50Gb.) You can also purchase addition storage on a per Gb basis for a monthly fee.

The storage limit is applied to all instances within each Office 365 tenant. Meaning Storage is shared between your production and sandbox instances. You should note though that any preview instances do not contribute to the overall storage.

When you approach the storage limit, notification emails are sent to administrators when the limit is reached and also at a threshold of 80% If the storage limit happens to be reached new records cannot be created until data is removed or additional storage purchased.

There are two ways in which you can view your storage usage;

  • In Office 365 admin center
  • In the CRM web application.

View storage in Office 365

To view your storage usage overall and per instance, load the CRM admin center in office 365. Here you use the “Service Health” option to view the total storage and amount used per instance.

In CRM Web Application

Open CRM, and then in settings / administration you will find the resources in user option.

The resources in use option will give details of storage used across instances and some additional information such as the number of custom entities being used. (Note: CRM has a limit of 300 custom entities.)

Note: At the time of creating these notes an issue existed with viewing storage usage! Although I think it is safe to assume that was a temporary blip and normal service will be restored very soon!

I hope this post has given you the information you might need to be aware of for storage management.

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