MB2-710 – Email Notifications

As I revise for the MB2-710 exam I am creating posts covering all aspects of my revision. Hopefully collectively they may help others prepare for the MB2-710 certification. (Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Online Deployment.)

In this post I will look at email notifications.

Administrative email notifications can be generated from the Microsoft online service, these can include;

  • Notifications about upcoming upgrades
  • Service outages
  • etc

By default, admin email notifications are sent to the office 365 global administrators. Notice how in Office 365, in user admin, when we give someone a global administrator role and alternative email address is required. This is because email notifications about service outages need to be delivered to an address outside of the Office 365 environment.

It is also possible to add additional recipients for email notifications on an instance by instances basis. You do this in the CRM Admin center accessed via Office 365 admin.

Once in the notifications area you can list the email addresses for everyone who should receive notifications regarding this instance.

Notice that the emails are separated by a semicolon;

Having the notification emails by instance might be really useful. For example, your test manager might need email notifications about the sandbox instances but isn’t interested in production. Whilst your IT helpdesk manager might require emails about production but isn’t interested in the sandboxes. Additionally, you could include email addresses in these notifications for one or more partners that support your organization.

Email notifications is pretty simple topic but one you will need to be aware of for your MB2-710 exam. In my next post I will look at managing online updates. (Possibly following you receiving a notification email about a pending update.) J

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