The Best Thing About Microsoft Dynamics!

For me one of the best things about Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the seamless integration capabilities across multiple business functions.

For example, using CRM, Unified Service Desk, Field Service, Interactive Service Hub and the CRM knowledgebase in one seamless business process.

Consider this process …..

  • Customers may phone your contact centre and log issues.
  • These issues might then be handled as a case internally. (Maybe making use of the interactive service hub to help find and prioritise work.)
  • The internal team would need to search a knowledgebase to identify possible solutions.
  • If the internal first line support team can’t resolve the issue, then an onsite visit maybe the only option, so the case would be converted into a work order.
  • Once we have a work order a dispatcher would send out an engineer.
  • Then changes made by the engineer in the mobile application would be seen back in the contact centre.

The process I’ve described here is complicated but quite typical in many scenarios. With Dynamics, complex processes such as this can be completed with ease. Also, being totally integrated means the contact centre, 1st line support and field service teams can all see a total picture of the interactions with the customer.

To illustrate my point, I have created a short demonstration video to how exactly this.

Guess what, everything you see in this demo is using out of the box CRM functionality. I have only used basic configuration options. No code has been used to create this application. J

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