MB2-710 – Forward Mailboxes

As I revise for the MB2-710 exam I’m creating posts covering all aspects of my revision. Hopefully collectively they may help others prepare for the MB2-710 certification. (Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Online Deployment.)

In this post, I will look at forward mailboxes.

As I often like to do before commencing on a revision topic, let’s look at the skills measured statement that I am going to cover in this post;

  • Set up a forwarding mailbox
    • Describe mailbox forwarding; create a forward mailbox record; add email forwarding rules for users; add mailbox records to server profile; enable mailboxes; test email configuration; describe synchronization alerts; view the Performance Dashboard

Often each user will have dedicated mailboxes, so that each user has an individual email address. (and mailbox configuration.)

With a forwarding mailbox, large numbers of users can be configured to link to one forwarding mailbox. One mailbox is configured as a forward mailbox; then multiple users forward their mail to that forwarding box for tracking in CRM.

The advantage being there is only a need to configure one mailbox but the disadvantage being you sacrifice the ability for users to individually send emails from CRM.

In a call center, you could configure everyone to use a forwarding mailbox. This would work because in this scenario synchronization of individual appointments, contacts and tasks is not essential. But in a sales environment, each field sales person would need a personalized view of their contacts and appointments. Meaning a forwarding mailbox would not be appropriate for them.

Don’t forget that a mixed deployment is possible. With some users working with a forwarding mailbox and others having individual mail accounts.

The steps to set up a forward mailbox are;

  • Create an Exchange mailbox to use as the forward mailbox.
  • Create a forward mailbox record in CRM.
  • Add a rule for each user and queue to forward emails to the Exchange mailbox.
  • Select forward mailbox as the incoming email setting on the mailbox record for each user and queue.  

Having created a mailbox in Exchange to use as your forward mailbox you will need to create a forward mailbox in CRM. (See example below.)

Notice that deletion of emails after processing is optional!

And on each mailbox in CRM you will define if the forward mailbox is being used for that user or queue.

At this point the absolute best approach to you revision will be to create a forward mailbox and test out how it operates. Good luck.

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