PSA – Project Finder

This post is part of a series I’m creating connected with Project Service Automation (PSA) for Microsoft Dynamics 365. This time I will consider the project finder mobile app.

The concept behind project finder is to empower your team members to search for “jobs” available on projects and apply for them. This process is completed using a mobile application which is available for iOS, Android or Windows phones. You’ll need to download this from the appropriate app store on your device. (You’ll be looking for the Dynamics Project Finder app.)


Before using the app, some setup is required in Dynamics 365. In project service, open parameters.

Here you can open the project parameters;

In your project parameters “Resource requirements visible” and “Allow skill update by resource” options will need to be enabled.

Allow Resource Signup on Project

Next you will need to enable resource sign up on your project. This is done by opening the project team view for the project and using the “ENABLE RESOURCE GROUP SIGNUP” option.

Project Finder App

When you first open the Project Finder app you’ll be asked to login. After that you will be presented with a list of roles that might be suitable. Showing the start, end and length of the engagement, plus its location.

Tip: When I first tested this no work appeared. In my test scenario I was also the project manager on the project and was therefore already part of the team. Meaning no work was suggested. After I removed myself from the project team then work from the project appeared.

Notice the green and grey circles, these indicate if you have some or all of the required skills. Grey being you don’t have the required skills.

Full green being you have all the skills.

And half green signifying that you have some but not all of the skills.

You can also sort the work items by skill, start date, duration etc.

Selecting a work item will then show you the required skills and highlight which you have or haven’t got.

Having reviewed this information that can select the green arrow to open the project. (As shown below) Here they can see some additional information including other people already on the team. It might be useful to see the team members as working with people you already know might be a bonus.

If this work still looks interesting clicking the APPLY button will let the project manager know you are interested in joining this team.

Accepting an Application

You can see below that the project manager can see any resource requirements that have an application. (By viewing the team on the project.)

When the resource requirement is opened the project manager can then accept or reject the applicant.

Maintain Skills

It is also possible for team members to maintain their own skills from within the Project Finder app. Below you can see that I have viewed my profile in the mobile application. In here I can change my proficiency on existing skills or add additional skills.

Depending on how the skills has been created these changes will either automatically be applied or may need approval from a manager.

So, what do I think of Project Finder? I can see that in large organisations with multiple active projects this might be a useful tool. Unfortunately, in most of the companies I’ve worked for work tends to be allocated rather than requested. But just maybe having a tool like this might help change that!

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