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I was searching round for a snippet of JavaScript the other day and wasted loads of time reviewing random posts.

I’m a functional consultant, so I don’t blog about JavaScript that often! But over the past few years I’ve still managed to complete multiple posts including tips on using JavaScript.

In this post, I will list them all to provide a single source for my JavaScript information. You never know doing this might also inspire me to write some more posts!

If you are new to using JavaScript in conjunction with Dynamics 365 / CRM, then this post will help you understand the basics.

Link Summary Specific Technology Date
Business Days A function that can be used to return “n” working days from a date. Feb 2017
Editable Grids How to add JavaScript code into editable grids. Dynamics 365 Dec 2016
BPF – Events How to add stage OnChange and Selected events into business process flows. Business Process Flows Aug 2016
BPF – Header Fields How to reference fields held in the header of business process flows. Business Process Flows Aug 2016
Context Object How to get user details, user roles, current client and organization name from the context. Aug 2016
Call USD events How to call events with Unified Service Desk (USD) from CRM forms. Unified Service Desk Jun 2016
Refresh Forms How to refresh parent form when items had been added into a subgrid. May 2016
Window.IsUSD How to tell if the form has been loaded from Unified Service Desk. Unified Service Desk Apr 2016
RunXrmCommand to SetFocus Using RunXrmCommand to set focus to a specific attribute. Unified Service Desk Mar 2016
Set any value One function that can be used to a fields value regardless of its attribute type. Dec 2015
Control OptionSet Values How to use adoption and removeOption to control what OptionSet values are presented. Dec 2015
getSaveMode getSaveMode can be used to see how the save was initiated. You could use this (for example) to prevent auto save events. CRM Forms Dec 2015
Set Lookup Details Generic function that can be used to set lookup fields. Dec 2015
getFormType How to getFormType, to see if the form has been loaded in create mode, update, bulk edit etc. CRM Forms Nov 2015
Prevent Save How to prevent onSave function. CRM Forms Nov 2015
Notifications How to set the yellow notification bars on CRM forms. CRM Forms Nov 2015
Return Roles You can return the GUID for all a user’s roles from the context, this post shows how to query the role names. Nov 2015
Form Navigate How to check the form name and change to another form when a form loads. CRM Forms Nov 2015
BPF – Part 2 How to get active stage, hide business process flow, expand / collapse business process flow, move to next stage and set active stage Business Process Flows Nov 2015
BPF – Part 1 How to traverse the element of a business process flow. Business Process Flows Nov 2015
Random Snippets Some random code snippets. Hopefully “stuff” that is commonly used. Nov 2015
Open Forms How to trigger the opening of quick create or entity forms from JavaScript CRM Forms Oct 2015
Get Activity Party List How to get the members of an activity party list. (For example, the members of the “to” list for an email.) Oct 2015
Set Activity Party How to add someone to an activity party list. Oct 2015
Set OptionSet by name How to set the OptionSet value based on the name of the option. Oct 2015
Show age How to show someone’s age in the label of the date of birth field Oct 2015
Get value for any control A generic function to return the value of a control regardless of the attribute type. Oct 2015 In this post I want to quickly review some of the commonly used methods of in terms of Dynamics 365 JavaScript  CRM Forms Apr 2017
USD Execute Actions A description of how to call a USD action from JavaScript Unified Service Desk Apr 2017

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