The CRM Manifesto

I’m travelling home from a wonderful few days in Amsterdam at CRMUG Summit EMEA 2017. The Summit was amazing it was really motivating to mix with so many people excited about Dynamics 365 and “CRM”.

Whilst at EMEA I picked up a lapel badge containing the words “CRM Manifesto”, what was that all about???

The badge had a really dodgy logo. (@Whitson, maybe an update could be considered???) It made me think of George Orwell’s, 1984. Or some other slightly oppressive political regime. Despite this (or maybe because of this) I decided to read the manifesto.

I am currently on a KLM flight from Amsterdam! During my flight, I must say the airhostess is providing excellent service. And I’m liking what I read in the manifesto, my Dutch attendant seems to embody every “commandment”.

But I have a problem! As one of its “customers”!, I found the manifesto wordy and therefore slightly hard to digest. In my book, less is more. So, I’ve decided to present the essence of the manifesto in a few sound bites. If these resonate please read the full version here. AND leave a comment to show your support. I would love to think that everyone engaging in a CRM project would (and should) review their implementation to ensure it truly embodies the aspirations reflected in this manifesto.

My “version” of the manifesto ….

  1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a total business strategy, not just a sales generation tool.
  2. CRM is not a “system”.
  3. CRM includes carefully defined / repeatable customer journeys.
  4. Change is a given.
  5. CRM should be multi-Channel , with customers free to select their preferred channel.
  6. Process automation must have a customer focus.
  7. All data must add customer value.
  8. Every customer engagement matters.
  9. Measure satisfaction again and again (and again).
  10. As much as possible create transparent processes, your internal processes do not concern the customer.
  11. The system does not deliver increased revenue, good customer service might.
  12. Consistency, consistency, consistency.
  13. CRM is forever.

Maybe you could also consider this super short version. Which in one paragraph encapsulates the key buzz words ….

CRM is a total business strategy, not a system. It has repeatable customer journeys. Change is a given. It is multi-channel and has a customer focus. Use your data to add customer value, improving customer engagement and allowing you to measure satisfaction. Good customer service comes from consistency delivered with processes transparent to the customer. And most importantly remember CRM is forever.

I borrowed the phrase “CRM is Forever” from a presentation I saw at CRM Saturday. I did this for two reasons, firstly I liked it! But importantly also to show that the concept of a CRM manifesto is not linked to any group of users, software package or industry sector.

The CRM manifesto has been created by Simon Whitson (thanks Simon), I know he’d love you to contact him at

Don’t forget, you can view the full version here. And please leave a comment in the “signatories” option to show your support (or otherwise). If you like it Simon might also send you an inappropriate badge!! J

Please Note:
If you like the concept of a CRM manifesto, please freely include it in your blogs posts, tweets, training material etc etc. (Sharing content like this is what being part of the CRM community is all about.) But always include a link back to Simon’s site so that people can register their support for this concept. Did I say, you can find the manifesto here!

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