D365UG/CRMUG Birmingham– June Event

The next meeting of D365UG/CRMUG Birmingham will be held on 7th June at 6:30pm.

Why attend? Here are some great reasons;

  • Meet some fantastic people who are passionate about Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM.
  • Discuss your burning issues with the assembled experts.
  • See some exciting presentation. (more details below)
  • Attendance and parking is free.
  • Open to all. (CRMUG members and Non-members.)
  • Get a free buffet!

Last time our buffer went down a storm (reason enough to attend!) ….

Location: 75 Harborne Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham B15 3DH.

Download a map.

You can register now on MEETUP.COM or CRMUG.COM


Our Presentations will be very exciting an topical.

The first presentation will be focused on data quality. I know data doesn’t sound interesting!! But data is at the heart of everything we do with CRM, poor quality data results in low standards of customer service or ineffective marketing campaigns. Almost every CRM project struggles to resolve data issues. In particular duplication of leads, accounts and contacts. Rowland Dexter will explain how Paribus Discovery and Paribus Interactive can be both the prevention and cure for this “illness”.

Secondly I will be present a wonderful new product from CafeX. 71% of customers visiting your website expect to receive help within 5 minutes. 31% actually expect immediate help! How can companies meet or even exceed these customer expectations??? One way is to implement sophisticated web-chat capabilities. I will show how with Live Assist we can implement web-chat (and much more) with minimal effort.

Duplicate Data – Prevention and Cure

Rowland Dexter is the Managing Director and joint founder of QGate. He supports QGates’ vision of ‘Creating a world in which data works’. Rowland will explain how Paribus Discovery can aid data deduplication and how Paribus Interactive will prevent duplications.

Quickly identify duplicate problems and cleanse your CRM systems

Paribus Discovery is a data deduplication solution that enables you to Identify, Resolve and Cure the duplicate data plaguing your CRM system.

Empowering Every User in the Prevention of Duplicate Data

Paribus Interactive brings sophisticated data matching to CRM in a way that enables each and every user to be aware of potential duplicate data across Accounts, Contacts and Leads.  It provides immediate identification of potential duplicate records as well as enhanced lookup and search capabilities.  Which means that users will find existing records easily and therefore not add duplicate data.

Increasing User Adoption and Customer Satisfaction via better data quality with Paribus Interactive.

You can register now on MEETUP.COM or CRMUG.COM


Live Assist from CafeX

I’m a Dynamics consultant working for PowerObjects, for many years I’ve been passionate about contact centre applications. Meaning I’m very excited to present Live Assist from CafeX.

With growing customer demand even the smallest contact centres need to offer omni-channel support. Working in a contact centre is no longer about answering the phone! Web-chat plays an increasingly important role in our digital communication strategies. Live Assist adds web-chat capabilities into Dynamics 365. And much more … including content driven campaigns, co-browse features and more.

You can get a flavour for Live Assist by watching this informative video.

You can register now on MEETUP.COM or CRMUG.COM

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