Yes you read the title correctly! I did say “FREE USD TRAINING”.

CRM Saturday and CRM Boutique Mentoring Programme are running a free Dynamics 365 training day on Saturday 22nd July at Microsoft London Paddington.

These sessions will be classroom based and run by volunteer MVPs and Dynamics 365 experts.

ALSO … The event will also be used to raise funds to the London Fire Relief, British Red Cross. 100% donations go directly to the charity. Meaning the day will be free but we will be encouraging people to make a small donation.

This hands-on training has 3 tracks:

  • Track A: Application Core for those looking to learn the basics of Dynamics 365 functional capabilities.
  • Track B: Configuration and Customisation: for those who know Dynamics capabilities but want to learn how to configure the platform without code or development.
  • Track C: Unified Service Desk Specialist training

Featuring these exceptional experts and MVPs: Raz Dynamics , Neil Parkhurst , Baris KANLICA , Janet Robb and more!

GUESS WHAT??? I will be running track C!!

I am very busy sketching out my training course now. I will essentially guide a small group of USD newbies thru the creation of a working USD application. This process won’t make them USD ninja but it will give them the basic information needed to start down the road towards becoming a USD master.

You will just bring along your laptop with a blank Dynamics 365 setup. You will go away with a working USD application and the skills to extend it further.

The course will be helpful to developers but this is not a programming course! I will be explaining how you can build a USD application with no code. You will not need any hardcore .net or JavaScript skills. Just a basic understanding of Dynamics 365 is needed.

Places are limited so please register your interest SOON here:

We will be looking for “special” people! From my USD track that means people who already have an understanding of Dynamics 365 and see learning USD as one step in helping take their career to the next level.

Please make sure you explain in your registration how you see this training can help your career as places are allocated by application – NOT on first come first serve basis.(Tip: Also explain when and how you will use your new found USD skills!)

Places are limited so please register your interest SOON here:

I look forward to meeting the “lucky” 15 people who get to spend a day learning USD with me soon.

5 thoughts on “FREE USD TRAINING with CRM Saturday

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  2. I loved the CRMUG session last week. I’m hoping I’ll be able to replace all our call center flows with USD.
    I am really hoping you’ll accept my application for Saturday’s course.

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  3. Hello Neil,
    I am trying to setup my USD client with CRM Online trial but everytime I connect using my credentials, it throws an error “You don’t have permission to access any of the organizations in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online region that you specified. If you’re not sure which region your organization resides in, choose “Don’t know” for the CRM region and try again. Otherwise check with your CRM administrator.”.

    However I have successfully connected and executed the Package Deployer.

    Could you help as where I could be doing wrong?

    With the same credentials, I am able to connect to online and I am Sys Admin.


    • Hi Raj

      It is hard for me to know for sure!

      But I suspect you might be using version 2.2 (or prior) of the USD client.

      If you are download version 3.2 of the client. That might solve your issue.




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