D365UG/CRMUG Birmingham – September

The next exciting CRMUG meeting for our Birmingham Chapter will be on September 13th at 6:30pm. Put this date in your calendar NOW!

One of the key reasons for attending this event is networking. It’s provides a fantastic opportunity to meet people who share your passion (and pain). We also routinely facilitate an open forum in which people can discuss their current concerns / questions around Microsoft Dynamics.

This month we have two amazing presentations lined up.

Presentation One : What’s new in Dynamics 365

A new release of Dynamics 365 is due anytime soon! (v9.0) This is a highly anticipated release, it will include some fantastic ground-breaking features. In this presentation Sarah Critchley will give us the low downs on all the cool stuff we can expect.

Sarah Critchley

Sarah is a cat lover who also happens to be a Microsoft MVP and leader of CRMUG UK! Sarah has been closely involved in Microsoft’s preview program for V9.0, meaning she’s the perfect person to brief us on this upcoming release.



Presentation Two : Dynamics 365 User Adoption

Around 50% of CRM projects fail to meet their stated goals. Of these 70% list a lack of user adoption as being responsible for the failure. It doesn’t matter how fast your system is or how many shiny new features it contains, if your users don’t embrace CRM it will fail.

Sophie will give us her insights into user adoption, hopefully helping us avoid some of the pitfalls others commonly suffer. Come armed with your stories of good or poor user adoption, I’m sure Sophie will love to discuss them.

Sophie Loor

Sophie works for the Legal Ombudsman as an IT Business Analyst and has been involved with Microsoft Dynamics for many years. Meaning she’s ideally positioned to brief us on this important topic.




Important stuff, we understand that everyone will be attending our event after a hard day’s work. You’ll be hungry and thirsty. Don’t panic, we have this covered. We provide free drinks and food for all.

Check out one of our recent catering efforts! I’d gladly attend this event just for some of that cake!!!


Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce, 75 Harbourne Rd, Birmingham, B15 3DH.

The Chambers are very conveniently located and there is ample free parking.

Following our last meeting the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce have been busy! They have been heavily investing in some upgraded protection / presentation equipment. I’m excited to see how this has enhanced this already great location.

Registration is open….

As always, this is a free event that ANYONE can attend. Obviously we’d love everyone to be fully paid up members of CRMUG! But you can register and attend these events for free.

Register now on the CRMUG site here.

Or you can register on meetup.com.

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