USD – v3.0 Released

Good news for all USD fans …. Version 3.0 has just been released.

You can read all about it here. And you can download it here.


The download process is simple, as always. Below you can see that I have opted to download the package deplorer and the latest 64 bit client. (I don’t use the 32 bit client!)

Client Install

Having completed the initial download, I opted to upgrade my client first. The client install was also a straight forward process. Although I did get a warning about needing to re-start my laptop! I guess this could be avoided by ensuring all the latest windows patches are applied and you have done a reboot before you start. (A quick reboot immediately solved this issue for me.)

When I tried the second time the client install was a much more straight forward process. Notice that I had USD already installed and it was being upgraded to version 3.0.

I installed the client first for a reason! As I wanted to check that the latest client will worek for the older version of USD. Meaning you could upgrade you clients first and then do the server components later if required.

Following this test, I can confirm the version 3.0 client worked with my older USD solutions installed on the server. (FYI: Including still logging into Live Assist from CafeX.)

Server Install

Next I turned my attention to the server install. Again a simple process. Simply run the package deployer, using the forth option!

The upgrade of my server components took 15 minutes. Just long enough for me to drink my morning brew! You can see below that my USD solutions were updated as shown below.

New Features

I haven’t had time to test out the new features of USD, yet! But they include;

Ease of configuration for diagnostic settings

Admins can now configure audit and diagnostics in the solution. I particularly like the sound of being able to use “Ctrl-Alt-A” to generate on demand diagnostics.

Jaws Reader Support for Accessibility

Accessibility is a priority for Microsoft! Adding Jaws reading support continues the theme of making USD a more accessible product.


Developers can configure a PreFetch option on CRM hosted controls, thus speeding the opening of sessions etc.


A RunAsync option is available to allow “CreateEntity” action to run without blocking other actions.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Improve agent productivity by configuring shortcuts for toolbar buttons.

Enhanced Debugging

The debugger has been enhanced to provide supporting, rep[ay and clear options.

As I say, I haven’t tested out all of the new features. Yet! But I will soon and I will blog about any exciting results I obtain.

So far I have found no issues with this upgrade and would recommend this upgrade to all USD users.

4 thoughts on “USD – v3.0 Released

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  2. Hi Neil,

    USD 3.0 looks promising, however I can’t find any definitive answer whether it’s still compatible with Windows 7. Do you know if it’s still compatible with Windows 7?


  3. Hi Michiel

    Unfortunately I haven’t tried USD 3 on Windows 7. So I can’t give you a 100% definitive answer.

    However I would imagine it would run fine. I’d just install and try it. I would expect you’d have no issues.

    I have been using USD 3 loads. I have found it to be faster than previous versions and very stable. So you should be fine.



  4. You’re right the best way would be to install it and see how it runs. It’s good to know USD 3.0 is a lot more stable and faster, so i’m definitely going to try it out.

    thank you!!



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