D365UG/CRMUG Birmingham – Feb 2018

What are user groups all about? Why would you “waste” your time attending? Especially on a cold February evening in Birmingham ….

You maybe a user of Dynamics 365, you maybe an senior executive considering a new project or you might be a super clever developer …… it really doesn’t matter which persona fits your situation, you all have something in common!

Making the best use of Dynamics 365 is something that will significantly benefit the organisations you work with. But on a personal level your involvement with Dynamics is much more meaningful!! Often our current and future career aspirations depend on us making effective use of Dynamics 365, therefore our happiness and the welfare of our families becomes dependant on Microsoft. (I find that thought exciting and frightening in equal measures!)

All user Groups are self-help groups! Connecting people with a shared passion (or pain). The point being that mixing with others who have challenges similar to ours will make us stronger. Sharing your “pains” will ease your burden and learning from others will help better equip you to face the challenges ahead.

Our next “self-help group” is on Feb 22nd. As always our events are free to attend. We even offer free food and parking. We’ll be at our regular location of Birmingham Chamber Of Commerce, 75 Harborne Rd, Birmingham, B15 3DH. Doors open at 6:30pm and the fun starts at 7pm.

For the good of your children …. Please register now!

We would love everyone to be a member of CRMUG but the event is open to anyone and everyone. You can register here on meetup.com or on CRMUG’s website here.

This month we have two amazing presentations planned. One from NFU Mutual and another from QGate Software. (Details are below)

NFU Mutual’s Dynamics Journey

Presented by Georgine Thomas and Luke Withers. Together Georgine and Luke will explain their Dynamics journey. Including what life was like before Dynamics 365, the challenges they faced, explaining the business imperative and how their initial pilot has been transitioned into production.

Georgina Thomas, product owner and SME Lead

Luke Withers, Managing Partner NFU Mutual branch Stoneleigh

Demystifying CTI, Computer Telephony Integration

Presented by Rowland Dexter and Chris Carpenter.

The integration of phone systems to applications such as CRM has long been considered the topic of mystery and a black art.  It also is more often considered just for call centres.  This session will dispel these are other mysteries and urban myths around this subject. It will demonstrate how combining Dynamics 365 and your telephony can bring benefits to your users and customers alike.

Rowland Dexter, QGate Software Ltd

Chris Carpenter, QGate Software Ltd

Please don’t’ forget …. Please register now!

We would love everyone who attends to be a member of CRMUG. BUT the event is open to anyone and everyone. You can register here on meetup.com or on CRMUG’s website here.

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