Unified Service Desk 3.2.0 is released!

Good news USD fans …. version 3.2.0 has been released.

You can read all about it here. And download it from here.

So what exciting “stuff” do we get in this new version? In terms of new features “not much” but the graphic below shows how Microsoft are trying to improve performance and reliability.

I do consider this exciting stuff. Just installing this update made a noticeable speed improvement in my USD application. Sessions start noticeably faster as the Dynamics 365 pages load noticeably faster. And so far I have found it to be really reliable.

The big takeaway with this release is …. it really is faster.

The download and install process is unchanged. Mine worked first ti9me with zero issues. Simply download a client and the package deployer from the link I gave at the start of this post. You can see below that the versions pf both files are now “”.

I don’t think the order of your install really matters. In fact you can install just the client without doing the package deployer if you want. (Although I always like to install them together as a set!)

Installing the client is a simply process. Just run the client install application (e.g. Dynamics365-USD-, if you have an existing client already installed that will be upgraded. Otherwise a fresh install will be completed.

When you run the package deployer you will simply connect to your Dynamics 365 instance and then select which package to import. In the case of an upgrade you’ll need to select the button option which simply updates the version of your USD solutions without making any changes to your config.

After the package deployer has completed you should see that the versions of your two USD related solutions has been updated. As shown below;


2 thoughts on “Unified Service Desk 3.2.0 is released!

  1. Tried this morning a FRESH install of 3.2 on a blank 365 v9 online…. Fails totally with errors like “entity not found” during the data import phase….

    Anybody else the same issues ?


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