D365UG/CRMUG Summit EMEA – USD Academy Class

Anyone who went to D365UG/CRMUG Summit EMEA in Amsterdam last year will no doubt tell you that it was an amazing event. I am very honoured to be involved with Summit EMEA 2018. This time the event will be help in Dublin at their wonderful Convention Centre. You can see all the details about Summit EMEA and register here.

Additionally the day before Summit EMEA (23rd April) there will be a number of academy classes running. I am also proud that I will be hosting one of those classes. You can find out about the academy classes here.

If you are interested in Unified Service Desk the academy class I will host might be for you. My class will be aimed at helping anyone get started with USD. It’s a relevtively complicated topic so a reasonable understand of Dynamics 365 customizations is a useful prerequisite. But you don’t need to be a developer. (No coding skills will be required.)

Learning USD in one day is an ambitious goal! I freely admit that you can’t learn everything in one day but I do hope you can gain enough insight to start to become a “USD Ninja”!

Zero to USD Ninja!

My course is designed to provide you with a comprehensive overview of Unified Service Desk. During the course you will learn how to build a fully functional application from scratch.

The training will be broken down into the following modules or lessons;

  • Intro / Demo
  • Install USD
  • First Global Tab
  • Create Search Function
  • Create Sessions
  • The Debugger
  • Associated Views
  • Open Tabs in Sessions
  • Notes
  • Navigation Toolbars
  • Agent Scripts

This course “might” not turn you into a fully-fledged USD Ninja! But it will give you a good overview and set you on your way to becoming a USD master.

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