MB2-717 Certification: (Microsoft Dynamics for Sales) – Introduction

I am about to begin revising for the MB2-717 exam! As I prepare for the exam I plan to create blog posts covering all aspects of my revision, hopefully they will help others preparing for this exam.

MB2-717 is a Microsoft certification connected with Dynamics 365. Specifically it deals with any aspects of the product that could fall under the heading of sales. This might involve progressing leads, analysing sales data or managing your customer relationships. The exam has a focus on functionality so it may appeal to business analysts or functional consultants but anyone who wants to gain a full understanding of Dynamics 365 should consider this exam an important goal.

The MB2-717 certification has replaced the MB2-713 certification. Which was the previous sales exam but based on an earlier version of Microsoft “CRM”. Whilst I expect to find much commonality with the old exam I also expect to find a focus on newer topics such as social engagement and relationship insights. The word “relationship” features 14 times in the skills measured statement, so I am guessing managing our customer relationships will be an important topic in this exam!

As always with Microsoft certifications I advise you to begin your exam preparation by very closely reviewing the skills measured statement. (Shown below.) Why???? ….. Dynamics 365 is a massive product and our goal is to pass the sales exam. So having a deep understanding of what we need to learn will help us avoid “wasting” our valuable preparation time by learning loads of irrelevant cool stuff! Learning how to customize the forms or how to manage service requests are important topics but neither of these are covered in the exam. Meaning, if you want to pass the exam, one key tip I have is stay focused!

I have pass “quite a few” of these Microsoft certifications! I always start my preparation the same way …. I carefully review the skills measured statement highlighting any topics which are new or I know I need to practice. Obviously if you are new to Dynamics 365 you’ll need to revise everything but even the most experienced Dynamics 365 consultants need to prepare. All of the Dynamics 365 certifications are hard and I haven’t met anyone who won’t benefit from some focused revision.

So now is the time for you to review the skills measured and look forward to learning about the sales aspects of Dynamics 365. It is a great product that is fun to learn!

You can find out more about the MB2-717 exam here.

And here are those skills you need to learn ….

Create a Customer Organizational Structure

  • Manage customer records
    • Create and maintain a current customer base organizational structure; identify potential sales opportunities by utilizing core records such as accounts, contacts and customers
  • Manage the sales process
    • Create and maintain sales transactional records; track the sales progression; manage the sales process from lead generation through quote, order, and invoice creation
  • Manage customer communication
    • Create and manage social engagement sources, identify opportunities and generate leads
  • Manage sales literature and competitors
    • Create and maintain a sales literature repository, create an organized methodology for identifying and tracking competitors

Manage Leads and Opportunities

  • Manage leads
    • Identify leads and track them throughout the conversion process, reactivate or delete disqualified leads
  • Identify and manage opportunities
    • Identify opportunities to track throughout the sales workflow, create opportunities with a defined status, create records within the opportunity form, assign opportunities to designated sales staff
  • Utilize opportunity functionality
    • Close and document opportunities as won or lost, use Quick Create to add new information, connect opportunities to other record types, apply connections to a data structure
  • Manage opportunity relationships
    • Analyze lost sales opportunities through resolution activities, utilize multiple opportunity views

Manage Relationship and Sales Analysis

  • Manage relationship intelligence
    • Provision and configure Relationship Insights to integrate with Exchange, create and prioritize actions and tasks, track interactions, manage sales communication
  • Manage relationship analysis
    • Provision and configure relationship intelligence, create actionable and productivity cards by using Relationship Assistant
  • Integrate email with Dynamics 365 Sales
    • Track interactions with a specific email; manage sales relationships through statistical analysis of email activity, untracked emails and performance activities; manage sales relationships with Email Engagement; use engagement analytics and Auto-capture
  • Manage sales by using sales analysis tools
    • Improve sales tracking by using Advanced Find, editable grids and built-in reports; export data to Excel in both static and dynamic processes; export Excel templates

Manage the Sale Process

  • Manage the business process flow
    • Manage the tasks required of each state in the Business Process Flow, create territories and assign them to managers and sales staff, configure currency and exchange rates
  • Manage Products by using the Product Catalog
    • Manage prices lists, discount lists and unit groups; create, maintain and clone products; manage the product lifecycle
  • Manage price structures
    • Create price lists, create discount list models, assign currencies to products
  • Manage product relationships
    • Identify product relationships, differentiate product relationships by family units, customize properties for all products, identify and bundle related products
  • Manage sales transactional records
    • Create price and revenue structures with inclusion of line items, currency rates, exchange rates, and write-in products; manage the quote lifecycle; create and manage quotes, orders, and invoices

Improve Sales Performance

  • Manage goals
    • Create manageable and measurable goals, delineate goals by fiscal periods, specify definitions and goal metric records, analyze individual and organizational progress by creating goal hierarchies, use rollup queries
  • Manage visual tools with Sales Analysis
    • Create documents and templates, integrate charts and dashboards

Manage Customer Information

  • Operate Dynamics 365 sales functions
    • Identify and define the functional areas of Dynamics 365 Sales, model relationships and records in Microsoft Dynamics 365, access Dynamics 365 Sales through various client access methods, utilize the help center
  • Perform data management
    • Create customers and contacts within 365 Sales, enforce customer relationship by using activity types, use views and global searches
  • Perform lifecycle management
    • Utilize leads, convert leads into customers in the lead life cycle, perform opportunity management, manage cases

3 thoughts on “MB2-717 Certification: (Microsoft Dynamics for Sales) – Introduction

    • Hi Claire

      Still love that you are called “C Sharp”, geek jokes never get old. (For sad people like me!!)

      Can I please suggest you try to hunt down Ana Demeny? Tell her I sent you.


      Ana does a lot of work to try to help women to get into Dynamics / tech. (We are a male dominated profession.) I believe she is trying to get a group of women together to study the MB2-717 exam. I plan to be supportive of this and your husband might also be a good contact for her!!!

      Keep me posted on how you get on ….



  1. Hope you don’t mind Neil, but I’ve just reached out to Ana too. I’ve recently passed 716 and 715 (and thank you for your fantastic revision guides that got me through), now I’m keen to complete 717.

    Thanks again for the great work you put into these!

    Liked by 1 person

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