USD – Search (with UCI)

Recently I have started to work with the new feature with have in Unified Service Desk 3.3 that supports Microsoft’s Unified Client Interface (UCI). As I find differences or tips I will create short blog posts.

In this post I will cover how the category or relevance search is loaded in UCI. It works in a similar way to the web client but there are some small differences, as you will see below.

The multi-entity searches with the standard web client were achieved using a navigate action to this URL; “/multientityquickfind/multientityquickfind.aspx?sitemappath=Settings%7cSystem_Setting%7cnav_administration&text=“.

This won’t work with UCI, instead we’ll need a navigate action to this URL; “/main.aspx?pagetype=search“.

By way of an example I have shown a search action I use;

Field Details
Name CTI Search – Navigate (Multiple Matchs CTI)

Can be any name!

Hosted Control CTI Search

Again your hosted control can have any name, the important thing will be to ensure that its component type has been set to “Unified Interface Page”.

Action Navigate
Data url=/main.aspx?pagetype=search&searchText=[[cti.ANI]+]


The url is as mentioned above. In my example I am calling this search as part of my CTI integration. I have added a parameter “&searchText=[[cti.ANI]+]”. This is an example of how you can prepopulate the search phrase using an action.

I don’t want to see the navigation bar on my search tab, so I have also added “HideNavigationBar=True”

The multi-entity search operates the same in the Unified Client Interface as it did in the web client interface, although it looks slightly different.

You can see how the relevance search appeared in my interface;

If you are experimenting with UCI and USD I hope you’ll find this information useful.

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