The USD Accelerator – Updated To Use USD 4.0

You might know that Unified Service Desk v4.0 has recently been released. The USD Accelerator has now been updated to use USD 4.0. Meaning the package deployer you can download for The USD Accelerator will now install USD 4.0.

You “can” still use earlier versions of the USD client with USD v4.0. But I advise you also download the latest USD V4.0 client from Microsoft’s site. You can do that here. I also suggest you use the 64 bit version of the USD client, highlighted below.

What else is new in this version of The USD Accelerator? …… I have also improved the approach to creating call backs. Now the agents select a create call back option from the agents scripts for account, contact, lead or case. When this is done the agent will be able pick when the call back should be made. The call back phone call will then open, allowing the agent to amend any details as required.

You can download this latest version of The USD Accelerator here.

This version “still” uses the standard web client of Dynamics 365. USD v4.0 fully supports the newer Unified Client Interface (UCI). I am currently testing a version of The USD Accelerator that works with UCI. I hope to publish that soon!

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