The USD Accelerator – Technical Guide, Release History (2_0_0_1)


The USD Accelerator is a pre-build Unified Service Desk configuration aimed at helping speed your USD project. It comes in two version, one supporting the traditional Dynamics 365 web client and one for the newer Unified Client Interface (UCI).

This post will highlight the enhancements and bug fixes released in version 2_0_0_1 of The USD Accelerator for UCI.

Note: Whilst I am currently still maintaining a web client and UCI version of The USD Accelerator it should be noted that Microsoft plan to concentrate on UCI in future releases of Dynamics 365. Therefore the web client version of The USD Accelerator is likely to be frozen soon. (Meaning this UCI version will be the focus of my efforts!)

You can find out more about The USD Accelerator here.

Date 10th November 2018
Version 2_0_0_1
Description Various enhancements and bug fixes most noticeable of which is improved session overview.
Session start time in USD History

Session start is an important KPI in many USD projects I have worked on. So having details in the session history that might indicate when sessions take longer than expect to load maybe very useful.

Additionally the length of sessions is now written as a decimal field and addition charts have been included to make use of the session start time.

Session start time is only a guide. It measures the time taken to run all required USD actions at the start of a session. You should keep in mind that “CRM” forms may continue their load process after all the USD actions have been completed.

Update Session overview styles

Entity images have been added to session overviews and the style altered to work well with the blue theme now applied in The USD Accelerator

KPI Dashboards

The USD history feature maintains a wealth of information that might be useful to display on dashboards, giving agents and managers a snapshot which might highlight trends. To illustrate this two dashboards have been added. One for the agent (My USD KPIs) and one showing a view of all data (USD KPIs).

KPI colour changed to blue

In keeping with the new theme the colour of the KPIs has bene changed to blue. It is hoped this helps make them more prominent.

Open email from session overview

The session overviews for account, contact and lead include an email field. This is displayed as a hyperlink in the session overview. Clicking on the email link will open an email in a tab.

Addition of resolve case agent script

An agent script answer has been added to the case agent script that with one click will resolve the current case.

On load of work order, load related service account

If you are using Field Service integrated with The USD Accelerator an option now exists to automatically load the service account when a work order is opened in a session.

A UII option of “ShowWorkOrderRegarding” is used to enable / disable this feature.

Addition of resource requirement entity

Navigation has been added to support the resource requirement entity opening when using Field Service. (Essential if you need to open / review resource requirements listed on the Field Service Schedule board.)

Multiple notifications supported

Two example notifications exist in The USD Accelerator. One shows when it is a contact’s birthday. The second shows if an account or contact is placed on credit stop. Previously, if a contact was on credit stop on their birthday only one notification would have displayed. Now both would display.

Additionally the format of the notifications has been adjusted to fit with the blue theme now shown in The USD Accelerator.

Field Service Schedule Board added to UCI App

By adding the Field Service schedule board into the UCI app supplied with The USD Accelerator we enable loading of UCI forms from the schedule board.

Copy to clipboard on additional fields

The copy to clipboard option has been extended on contacts and accounts to include emails address and phone number fields.

Advanced Find

With the release of Dynamics 365 v9.1 I am now able to support advanced find searches when using UCI version of The USD Accelerator.

Bug Fixes
Ensure global tabs always re-display after being hidden
Display correct lead views (Open leads, previously the view was of disqualified leads!)
Right panel was always closing, hiding KB Search
Email “to” field wasn’t getting set.
Display of google maps, fixed tab name
Knowledge article display was giving page cannot be displayed error
Feedback entity now correctly linked to KB article
Correct url entered when sending KB articles in email
Incorrect icon was showing in session overview (email showed as phone!)
Correction made to name resource requirement sessions correctly
Removed uii options no longer used
UCI Settings entity added to schema used to export USD config

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