MB2-719 Certification: Dynamics 365 for Marketing – Settings / Quotas

I am about to take the MB2-719 certification, this certification covers the Dynamics 365 for Marketing Application. I plan to create a series of blog posts that collectively should help anyone else preparing for this exam. In my first post we reviewed the initial install process. Now we have a working Marketing application I plan to dive deeper into settings and Quotas.

Below you can see the section of the skills measured statement that references Dynamics 365 for Marketing setup. As you can see it covers quite a few concepts, so let’s get started.

Below you can see that accessing the settings are of Dynamics 365 for Marketing we can control many settings. Covering;

  • Organization Settings
  • Business Management Settings
  • Customizations
  • Marketing Settings
  • Events Management Settings
  • LinkedIn Lead Gen Settings
  • Other Settings

Tip: Some of these settings, such as “Marketing Settings” are obviously unique to Marketing. Whilst others such as “Fiscal Years” would apply across the Dynamics 365 product set.

Tip: Microsoft has recently being changing the navigation in the Unified Client Interface. My settings menu can be accessed from a “pop-up menu” at the bottom of the screen. You may find your navigation differs slightly, as current production versions of UCI will have this navigation in a different location!

FYI: I may not cover every setting in these revision notes! But I will try to pick out a few significant ones!

Marketing Settings

Under Marketing settings we can define the “Default Marketing Settings”.

You could create your own marketing settings but only the one marked as “default” will apply in your Dynamics 365 for Marketing application. Settings can be defined for;

  • Marketing emails
  • Customer Journeys
  • Double opt-in
  • Bypass Email Duplication

Double opt-in is a GDPR / data privacy related feature. The idea being that when someone changes their preferences an email with a confirmation link can be set to them. Clicking on the email link would be the second (double) opt in.

Marketing Emails

The marketing emails tab allows me to define default content settings and also enable Litmus.

Litmus is a service which allows you to view emails pre-formatted for a number of form factors / devices. Litmus can be a useful tool to help marketing teams ensure emails will be delivered in the required format. With Dynamics 365 for Marketing you get an initial “free” 200 Litmus credits. More credits can be purchased as required, see https://litmus.com/pricing

We can also set the default contact; this contact is used when previewing email messages in the email design. Details of this contact maybe presented in the designer. You can of course also manually change the default contact each time you preview an email message.

Bypass Email Deduplication

If you send out an email to a segment and two contacts have the same email address, by default only one email message would be sent. This is a useful tool to avoid sending duplicate emails.

Although there are some organisations who might want to disable this feature.

Landing Pages (Marketing Page Configuration)

You can store multiple landing page settings but only the one defined as default will be active.

On the “marketing page configuration” we can define various standard links connected with privacy.

Additionally, the default matching strategy can be defined. A default matching strategy will automatically be applied that essentially matches using just email address. However, you may need to refine this logic is email alone is not a unique identified for leads / contacts. (For example, you may include first name or last name into the matching strategy.)

Event Management Settings

Dynamics 365 for Marketing can be used to manage online and in-person events.

The event settings allow you to setup email options and templates to be used for event registrations. (In the event administration option.) You can also setup webinar configuration. (Currently On24 is the only supported webinar provider.)

File Storage

When working with marketing pages or emails you can upload images into a common image library. They are then viewable by your contacts in email messages or marketing pages. One tip might be that you can also upload other file types! You may, for example, want to upload pdf documents.


The quota limits option allows me to track how I’m doping against my quotas. Marketing is limited to a number of contacts and emails sends. Additionally, as already mentions you may need to purchase additional “Litmus credits”.

Below you can see that I have only just installed my Dynamics 365 for Marketing trial, therefore my usage is zero. But as I work with the product I will expect these numbers to increase.

I have shown the published pricing structure at the time of writing these notes below. Prices / limits could and probably will change! So don’t rely on these prices being correct, I publish them here simply so that you can understand that pricing is based on the number of contacts. As the pricing structure is liable to change I suggest you review the latest information on https://dynamics.microsoft.com/en-gb/marketing/overview/#pricing

I hope I have covered many of the key settings in Dynamics 365 for Marketing. But I have not attempted to cover everything, this is just a revision guide for MB2-719! I have therefore tried to focus on the key settings. As part of your revision I suggest spending time exploring the settings area of Dynamics 365 for Marketing to learn as much as possible about the available options.

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