MB2-719 Certification: Dynamics 365 for Marketing – Templates

I am about to take the MB2-719 certification, this certification covers the Dynamics 365 for Marketing Application. I plan to create a series of blog posts that collectively should help anyone else preparing for this exam. In this post I’ll look at the basic concepts connect with templates.

Each time you create an email message, customer journey, marketing page or marketing form you will typically begin by choosing a template. (As shown below.)

Dynamics 365 for Marketing includes multiple sample templates, but you can also create your own. Templates are a useful tool to help ensure your companies branding / style is maintained on all messages.

Keep in mind that the tools available to create / edit templates are common with the actual creation of individual items. Meaning the process is pretty much the same! Typically you can create a journey (etc) as normal and use a “Save as Template” button at any point.

Templates may be reusable with areas of content being repeatedly changed. For example, you might have a standard email template to register for an event. But each time the template is used the event name, date and venue may need to be altered. Using templates like this helps to maintain a consistent brand image and also speeds the creation of customer journeys.

Templates can be held for the following items;

  • Customer Journey Templates
  • Email Message Templates
  • Marketing Page Template
  • Marketing Form Template
  • Marketing Form Fields
  • Marketing Contents
  • Activity Templates for phone, task and appointment

Activity templates are used with customer journeys, as it is possible to create activities from with the journey.

When I create a customer journey (or email etc), I would create the journey, check it for errors and then make it live. Templates differ in that we don’t need to make them live. (Meaning they always remain within Dynamics 365.)

I hope this post will have helped in your revision for the MB2-719 exam and that now you understand the basic concepts connected with email, journey, marketing page and marketing form templates.

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